Must-Have Swimming Pool Accessories

Misbah Akhtar

Congratulations on building your brand-new pool! You may be excited to swim on it, but why not add some accessories? Know that these are not absolute must-haves, but hey, every homeowner should like an extra or two, right?

Accessories can come in two groups. The first is the maintenance parts and accessories that will make cleaning easier and more enjoyable. The second will make your pool life so much fun. Know that the swimming pool accessories may be different from the test kits, vacuum heads, and other essentials. It’s a given that you already have the right solutions and brushes in your pool shed. Instead, you have the option to get the maintenance that will make your life more fun.


Essentials for Pool Maintenance

1. Automatic Leveling Devices for Water
Water leveling devices that are automatic are often a must-have for many owners. They are excellent for those with children who love playing cannonballs or homeowners who live in a tropical area. Just as the name implies, it usually keeps the water level to the right amount, and it just takes a few minutes to install. There’s also the functionality that’s quite simple and easy to operate.

You can attach the leveling device into a garden hose, set the desired level, place the device on the shell wall or copying, and turn on the water supply. When the water level drops, there will be a trigger of additional water flowing inside, and everything will automatically close when your desired levels are reached. This prevents the water level from going out of the skimmer levels. Read more about water maintenance on this page here.

2. Pumps
A venturi pump can protect your pool from having too much water. This is a submersible and pressurized pump that’s designed to drain the water without the need for electricity. You can attach this to a garden hose, and the pressure will do the rest of the work.

Some may think that they don’t need another single-purpose accessory in their homes. However, venturi pumps do more tasks than the removal of excess from the entire pool. It will help drain debris, sludge, and mud by pumping them out.

In some situations, you can even use these in your ponds, aquariums, and flooded basements. This will save from the manual and back-breaking labor of draining the water with the help of buckets.

3. Thermometers

You may want to know more about the floating thermometer that will tell you the current temperature of the water. It’s worth noting that the measurements are pretty subjective when it comes to the warmness or coolness of your pool. This is because what you consider warm may still feel cold to others.

However, it will still help if all the occupants in the house can avoid the internal shock when it comes to a cold-water dive. Knowing the temperature will have a lot of uses. For example, if you have a heater and it’s blazing hot outside, you may want to set the water temperature accordingly by turning off the pool heat pump. This can translate into savings for you at the end of each month.

Another advantage of a floating thermometer is you know how to adjust the temperature if you have guests with specific temp needs. Some good examples are patients with arthritis since they are most inclined to relax in a warm pool. The warmth can promote excellent circulation in the inflamed joints, and it relaxes the muscles.

People with multiple sclerosis may prefer cooler water as it gives them a slight relief on their conditions. Read more about therapies of people with multiple sclerosis in this link: They can move their bodies and do some slight stretches without any risk of overheating.


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4. Stone Cleaning Blocks
The owners may not usually be in the mood to do a thorough cleaning of their pools, which is perfectly fine. With the help of a cleaning block accessory, you wouldn’t have to apply any pressure to the surface. Instead, you can place this on a tile and do some gentle scrubbing.

This way, you don’t need to do any intense brushing like what you may do with a sponge. The best thing about cleaning blocks is that you don’t need to add other chemicals to remove hard water. This is often the one with plenty of mildew, calcium, and rust in it, and you need to clean it thoroughly to preserve balance.

5. Robotic Cleaners
No one sees the robotic cleaners as necessary, but almost every homeowner wants one. These are the accessories that make things easier, and the maintenance can be a breeze. Simply drop the machine at the bottom of the pool, and it will take care of the vacuuming and scrubbing for you. It may also offer filtering features that will help with your filtration system and pumps.

The maintenance for robotic cleaners is minimal, and you can run them for 24 hours after a party. They can help you with the brushing and cleaning, and before long, you can dive again into a clean and disinfected pool whenever you want.

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