Must Have Items for the New Parent

Becoming a new parent is arguably one of the most fantastic and also stressful times of a person’s life. While you are overcome with love and joy for your new little one, there is also a sense of anxiousness as you scramble around trying to figure out what items you need to make parenting smoother and easier. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it and put together a list of must have items for any new parent.

The Perfect Pushchair

Most parents realize that in order to get from Point A to B they are going to have to invest in a pushchair. Before rushing out to buy one, you’ll want to take a moment to do a little research. Lightweight pushchairs from Ickle Bubba make for a perfect solution thanks to the fact they are so well built, are extremely easy to push, and offer all the top options parents and babies appreciate. These pushchairs are also a convenient size, which makes them easy to store and travel with.

A Place to Sleep

Of course your new little one will need a place to sleep, and in this category you’ve got a few options to consider. Many new parents choose to purchase a Moses basket for their baby to sleep in for those first couple of months. Most Moses baskets are safe until the baby reaches 15lbs or three months (whichever comes first).

If you don’t want the added expense, there is nothing wrong with putting your little one in the cot right from the start. While there is all kinds of cute and adorable bedding for baby’s cot, keep in mind that pillows, mattress padding, sleep positioners, bumpers, quilts, and thick blankets are pose a SIDS risk. It is recommended that you use a fitted crib sheet and a thin cotton receiving blanket only.

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A Wardrobe of Basics

New parents tend to go all out when it comes to baby’s wardrobe, but in reality, when your little one first comes home all they need are the basics. The basics are items such as sleepers, sleep sacks, and pull-over onesies. Expect to be washing out a lot of stains and messes those first couple of months, so it’s really not worth it to buy expensive high quality items. Another item you’ll want to have on hand is knitted hats and caps to keep them warm.

A Full Selection of Nappies

Whether you have chosen to use cloth or disposable nappies, this is not something you want to be running out of and having to search around for in the middle of the night. Make sure your nappy supply and wipes are well stocked before you even bring baby home from the hospital.

Feeding Accessories

Feeding accessories are another must-have. If you are choosing to bottle feed your baby then you’ll need a selection of bottles, formula, a bottle cleaning brush, a bottle warmer (it’s a convenience factor), and a way to disinfect the bottles and nipples.

Organise in Advance and Take the Pressure Off

Because there is so much to buy and organise, it’s a good idea you do this a little bit at a time well before your new little one arrives.

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