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Misbah Akhtar

The busy festive period is now well and truly in the past and it is time to switch your attention to organising the next thing. Now it is a great time to give your life a bit of a boost and leave those January blues behind. There are loads of ways to enhance your well-being from taking up some exercise, to taking on a new project. Given that you spend a lot of your time in your house, a project that involves giving your home a bit of a refresh can have a really positive impact.

You don’t have to head to the DIY store and stack up a trolley full of decorating equipment and you don’t need to do a complete overhaul. There are some small, low cost changes that you can make that will make your home feel brand new.

Have a move round

A quick and simple readjustment of your furniture can give a new look to a room. Take your bedroom for example. Is there a better place that you can move your bed to? Can you clear out some old clothes and move a wardrobe out of the room? Creating new space can have a really fresh and uplifting feeling. You can even upgrade your bedframe to bring out some character in the room. Take a look at some hand made wooden beds for some inspiration.

Moving the furniture in your living room can also give the place a lift. If you have settees and other seating, try moving it into a different place and see if it feels like you have more space.

A coat of paint

You don’t have to go into full-blown interior decorator mode, just a simple change of colour on a wall or two can make a significant difference. Did you know that the colour of your walls can have an impact on your well-being? Have a look at some colour charts and see if a change of colour can help to improve your mood. Look at the rooms that you are in the most as this will bear a more significant impact on your mood.

Give your garden some attention

Whilst it might still feel like we’re in the middle of winter, the days will soon start to get lighter and the temperatures will start to get warmer. Spend some time getting your garden into shape so that you can make the most of the good weather when it arrives. Weather your garden needs a bit of tidying or looks a bit bare, get those tools out of the shed and get to work. See what plants and other bits you can pick up at your local garden centre to bring a bit of life back into your garden. You might still be able to make the most of the sales and pick up some bargains. Laying down some decking might not cost as much as you think it would and could bring a really new feel to your garden.

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