Maintenance Tips: Make Your Epoxy Floor Glow For Decades

Misbah Akhtar

Want to give your garage a face-lift, or do you want to spruce up your living space? Epoxy floor coating is a great way to add fancy skin to your ambiance. Epoxy coating can transform your floor into a solid, durable, and slip-resistant surface.

Epoxy coat protects your floor from all forms of impacts. It can withstand loads and traffic more than other types of flooring. The easy-clean feature isn’t the only advantage of epoxy flooring. The elegant glossy sight is also a catch.

The only problem is that it doesn’t last forever. Nonetheless, if you want your epoxy floor to retain its shines for years, below are simple maintenance tips.

1. Commit to Regular Cleaning:

Scratch is commonplace in epoxy floors. When not attended to, they are quick to make your epoxy floor lose its stunning look. Scratches are caused by grits and sands underneath surfaces that move over the floor.

If you have an epoxy floor installed where vehicles move or areas with heavy foot traffic, you can minimize scratches on your epoxy floor using a regular cleaning schedule. When you remove grits and dirt regularly, scratches on your epoxy floor are reduced. Thus, an extended lifetime is guaranteed.

2. Do More Than Your Regular

It’s good to have a cleaning schedule for your epoxy floor. But Maintaining your epoxy floor can require more than the regular.

What happens when you spot a stain or accidentally spill something on the floor? Wait for the next cleaning date on your schedule? That’s a big NO. You need to spot clean the floor whenever the situation calls for such.

3. Stay Away From Soap

You may think that soap-washing epoxy floors is a way to care. The fact is that; it is not. Soap leaves streaks and haze whenever on epoxy. Even if you have the best of epoxy floors, over time, the build-up can make your floor lose its shines sooner than expected. Apart from that, the leftover residue can make epoxy unsafe despite its anti-slippery property.

In case of tough spills, you may have no option but to use soap. Make sure to use a mild soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water after cleaning. Using hot water and a scrubbing brush or mop is all you need to get rid of stains and dirt.

4. Consider Refinishing

Sooner or later, your epoxy floor will outlive its glossy days someday. The good news is that you can recoat your epoxy floor. Epoxy floor refinishing is a cost-effective means of enhancing the strength and beauty of your space.

When you observe that your floor has started losing its sheen, and your maintenance effort is doing less to make it retain its gloss. Going for a recoat will go a long way to help.

5. Oils Are No Friends

That epoxy floor is easy and quick to clean is very much correct. But some solutions or substances can be hazardous to your floor. Antifreeze, engine oils, and chemicals can steal away the shine of your epoxy floor in no time.

Make sure to clean and wipe off spilled oil, gas or petrol, immediately. If you have an epoxy floor in your garage, you can’t completely rule out moments of vehicle oil or gas spills.  The same goes for other abrasive liquids.


Epoxy is a great floor coating alternative for residential and commercial spaces. You only need to invest a small amount of time to take care of your floor to extend its life expectancy and keep it vibrant and glossy for your everyday use.

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