How to Live a Good Life

Kiran Singh

Seriously . . . another book that tells you how to live a good life? Don’t we have enough of those?
You’d think so. Yet, more people than ever are walking through life disconnected, disengaged, dissatisfied, mired in regret, declining health, and a near maniacal state of gut-wrenching autopilot busyness.  Whatever is out there isn’t getting through. We don’t know who to trust. We don’t know what’s real and what’s fantasy. We don’t know how and where to begin and we don’t want to wade through another minute of advice that gives us hope, then saps our time and leaves us empty.

How to Live a Good Life is your antidote; a practical and provocative modern-day manual for the pursuit of a life well lived. No need for blind faith or surrender of intelligence; everything you’ll discover is immediately actionable and subject to validation through your own experience.
Drawn from the intersection of science, spirituality, and the author’s years-long quest to learn at the feet of masters from nearly every tradition and walk of life, this book offers a simple yet powerful model, the “Good Life Buckets”—spend 30 days filling your buckets and reclaiming your life.
Each day will bring a new, practical yet powerful idea, along with a specific exploration designed to rekindle deep, loving, and compassionate relationships; cultivate vitality, radiance, and graceful ease; and leave you feeling lit up by the way you contribute to the world, like you’re doing the work you were put on the planet to do.

How to Live a Good Life
is not just a book to be read; it’s a path to possibility, to be walked, then lived. Get your copy here.


I actually really, REALLY enjoyed this book for a few different reasons:
1) I like how the author set up the sections into “Good Life buckets.” There are many aspects of life that can change your happiness. He addresses these different aspects.
2) The author knows it’s not an overnight thing. He has you do things for 30 days to help changed your outlook.
3) The book had amazing quotes. I found myself highlighting inspiration on my Kindle throughout the entire book.
4) There were so many ideas. Some were more simpler than others. Like spending more time outside, for example. This is true! I meditate on my hammock almost daily and it seriously makes a difference. Being with nature has a relaxing and calming affect on your entire being.

This isn’t a book to just read through and be done with it. It’s more like a “plan”. I will be referring back to it often.

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