Life Loves You by Robert Holden

Misbah Akhtar
Life Loves You


Incredible insight into the very foundation of life. Loving self. The self that God created. I appreciated the openness and acceptance of all people and all faiths – this helped me to see more clearly the judgments I still hold about certain faiths, lifestyles, and more – and enabled me to lay those judgments aside for the good of all people. Love is the only healing force. Loving self allows us then to love those around us. As I am. As they are. As we are. and to love life. As it is. As it comes. Ups and downs, ins and outs, without judgment, blame, shame, or criticism. This is a foundational book not only in my own life, but in my work with children and parents.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I love Louise Hay. I think she’s amazing. I have learnt many great things from her. This book that Louise Hay and Robert Holden wrote together is slightly different to the ones I read before. It contains 7 spiritual practices that I really enjoyed doing. I found them very helpful but also pleasant.

It is a feel good book. One that I will always pick up if I need to know I’m loved or love able or am having a rough day. Best life lesson – self help book I’ve read yet. I highly recommend it. Remember Life loves you.

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