Learn These 10 Tips to Communicate Your Message

Kiran Singh

Being able to communicate the message clearly and effectively is a skill. Whether you are conveying a message to build interpersonal relations or for business purposes, your message must be clear and another person must understand in the same manner.

In other words, effective communication is a key to success, especially when you are a teacher, HR, or at another prominent position. Your message conveyed to many people and everyone has their own perception of understanding it. Therefore, it is always vital to use the right source or means to convey words.

Learn These 10 Tips to Communicate Your Message

Here we have the top 10 effective communication skills that everyone must learn to stay ahead in their career.

  1. Listen to Others

One of the most important skills of communication is to be a good listener. Today, most people are neglecting the art of listening to others. They listen to what they want to listen to only. But this is the biggest blunder. Respect others and listen to them what they are trying to say. Practice it at home and office, until it becomes your second nature. Some professionals like teachers need to listen to kids at primary age more than others to understand them well and handle them carefully. Therefore, start working to build an active listening habit, in which you will listen to people until they complete the talk or are able to convey the message properly.

  1. Non-Verbal Communication

Sometimes, non-verbal communication can convey a message more effectively than your words. Therefore, be careful with your body language, gestures, and facial expressions while communicating with others. These days, due to covid-19, people used to wear the mask for health safety, which is great, with this you can choose a special mask to convey a message. For instance, when you are conveying a message to the deaf, it will be great to use a see-through mask for deaf that makes your communication more effective. Another person can clearly understand your gestures and facial expressions while speaking. It also helps to make two ways of effective communication processes.

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  1. Be clear about the message

While communicating, keep in mind that conveys a short and clear message. Whether you are using email, telephone, or text messages, short and precise messages are always understandable in the right tone. There is another advantage of short messages that listeners will never lose focus when they are speaking at official meetings. So, next time when you are forwarding the official message, do not stretch it.

  1. Be personal

When you are communicating face to face, there is nothing bad to be a little personal at the office. This creates other’s interest in you and your way of speaking. Being a little person could be a way to start official communication. For example, start with Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Or try something new that generates more interest in your message. The best part, being personal results, others never lets them bore. So, even when you meet someone out of office hours, ask some personal questions and help to build a good relationship.

  1. Confidence is a key

Confidence is the key to effective communication. Therefore, whenever you communicate with others, make eye contact with the speaker. This shows that you are interested in listening to him. Keep in mind, do not stare, as it can harm others’ confidence. While speaking with others, do not underestimate nonverbal clues, as they can help you to convey the correct message.

  1. Respect And Empathy

Empathy is key to sharing another person’s feelings. Therefore, listening is not only enough, responding to others with the right guests at the right time plays an equally important role. Respond to the person and show you agree with their statement either with words or in the form of gestures. For instance, your facial expressions are enough to tell a person about a message and you are in the other person’s favour.

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  1. Always Have An Open Mind

Being an effective communicator, every communication must approach with flexibility and open-mindedness. Therefore, always engage in active communication, understand others’ situations and acknowledge them when you are getting another person’s point of view. Later on, you can also explain what your expectations are or if the reality is something different. This is also called an honest and productive communication approach.

  1. Covey message in a respectful manner

Other people like to engage in your communication if your verbal or written communication involves more respect. Hence, an ideal approach to this is, address everyone with their names. It gives them identification in the crowd and a feel of the special one. Moreover, even if you are sending emails, address mails with their names. If you are sending emails regarding work dissatisfaction or targets not achieved, be careful with words. You can also take time to reconstruct a message that may not convey to demotivate employees.

  1. Feedback is Important

Feedback is essential to make communication more effective. Therefore, never hesitate to give and take feedback. When you are giving feedback to others, make sure to use words that act as motivation and boost morale. Even if you are giving negative feedback, your words should not be rude. Similarly, when you are accepting feedback, do not take it negatively. Work on it and try to improve it, you can also ask for clarification from others to understand better yourself.

  1. The choice for the right mode of communication

The final item, your right selection of mode can help you to achieve desired results. For instance, when you are communicating with a boss to raise the salary, there are high chances your consent should be ignored. Whereas, if you communicate through email, consider your salary issue on a serious note. Therefore, not only are the right words important, check out the right mode of communication too. Similarly, when you are communicating with friends a phone call is enough to invite you to a party.


Bottom Line

Hope the above tips help you to make the effective communication. So, from next time, build a habit of listening more and speak to deliver the desired message. Remember, always choose the right mode of communication to deliver an effective message, especially when you can communicate with deaf people. Using a see-through mask can help to deliver the right statement. Moreover, when you are sharing words with your boss, check your message’s importance and use the right mode like email or text.

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