Keeping Your Teenagers Entertained This Christmas 

Keeping your teenagers entertained this Christmas can be something of a stressful task. They can moan and groan about being bored, but once you suggest that they do something, they grunt back at you that they can’t be bothered. Yes, teenagers are a joy!

But, if you want to keep your moody teen entertained this Christmas there are some fun family days out that you can try. They are sure to put a smile on their face.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a must for any thrill-seeking teenager. With over 125 rides within the theme park, it’s a great day out for all of the family. The Avalanche is a must for those that love loops, twists and turns. The Big One is one of the world’s tallest roller coasters. Check out the infographic below for more cool facts. Bonding with your teenager over Christmas has never been easier.  Head up North to Blackpool and have a white knuckle day out.

Head to the Cinema

The cinemas will be packed this Christmas, with everyone anticipating the latest releases. If you want to spend some quality time with your teenager, head to the theater. Choose a film that you will both love and enjoy the time together as a family.

Hit the Sales
With the January sales starting earlier every year, hitting the shops is one of the best ways to keep your teen entertained this Christmas. Enjoy the day out and make sure that you are spending some time bonding.


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