Keeping Your Hubby Dressed Well for Less

Misbah Akhtar

Hubby Dressed Well

We all know keeping your husband looking good can be a daunting task. Whereas women are expected to look like the Next Top Model at all times, men let themselves get sucked into the notion that the beer gut is sexy and they are eternally part of a fraternal order of frat dudes. Well, behind every successful man is one determined woman, and that’s where we come in.

Keeping your man in top form so that he’s able to seize opportunities for success is your primary job as his partner. On top of being a mom and helping keep the whole family look good, he will need your help, too. Even if your man protests your help in this, he will certainly appreciate as he looks in the mirror in the morning, and when he catches a glimpse of himself before an important meeting at work.

Looking good in business is exceedingly important, as you only get one shot to make a first impression. That is why most business execs love shopping at Charles Tyrwhitt. Of course, with quality comes a price tag. But that should not faze you. Why is that?

Well, with this new tip (mommy’s special), you can keep your man dressed well and maintain the family’s budget too. It is not tricky whatsoever and just requires a little bit of patience.

Groupon’s Coupons is partnering with Charles Tyrwhitt to offer huge discounts on all of their items. Got your eye on their classic shirts? Score on clearance shirts from $29.50. Love their fancy belts? Two for $10 with a current Groupon Coupon. Groupon is also offering 10% off and free shipping to boot.

Worried that you came to this post too late and you have missed the boat? Not in the slightest. Groupon and Charles Tyrwhitt are going to regularly update the coupons on the above page, so check back regularly. That’s where the patience comes in. If you are patient enough (and if you have been married long enough to be your man’s wardrobe manager, you must be by now), you can buy almost anything from the CT line at a huge discount. Now you just need to convince your man to put on the darn clothes and straighten his tie before he heads into the office.

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