Is Math Bingo Games a Blessing in Disguise?

There are many good reasons for doing mathematics. There is the sheer joy of mathematical discovery, the beautiful interplay between mathematical structures and patterns, the fascinating way that mathematics helps to reveal the mysteries of the physical world and the excitement of solving age-old puzzles.

  1. For younger children, it’s a fun way to introduce them to basic maths. Working out the pay-out on a yankee is surely more interesting than all that guff about radius’s – and a fine preparation for adult life too.

  2. Gambling is like science – a way of testing beliefs against evidence. Young people must be taught how to do this – to ask: “what would show that I’m wrong in this belief?” In learning this, of course, they learn that their beliefs should be weakly held, and challengeable against the facts. If we only teach kids how to express themselves, without regard to the evidence, we are merely preparing them to work for the Guardian.

  3. Gambling teaches kids about probabilities. And almost all evidence – or at least all interesting evidence – in the social sciences is probabilistic. Teaching probabilities therefore introduces youngsters to how to think about political questions. It also shows them that so-called experts can be wrong. This matters enormously, because schools inculcate into kids a very pernicious belief. Because teachers are authority figures, kids are led to believe that truth and authority are more identical than they really are. Showing that experts can be wrong demonstrates that they are different things.

  4. If we teach kids about probability, we prepare them to ask: how are estimates of probability formed? And this leads them to understand cognitive biases and bayesianism.

A bingo game on division and multiplication designed for use on an interactive whiteboard. Ideal for starter or plenary sessions. Math Bingo with pre-made cards is a fun way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once you solve the math equation and click the answer on the Bingo Sheet. Here are 3 of the academic benefits that the math bingo game has on your kids:

1. Fundamentals Of Mathematics

One of the first and undoubtedly the most important thing that the kids learn is the fundamentals and the basic operations involving numbers. These shouldn’t be classified as mathematics alone as they improve your child’s basic instinct about numbers. This is why it is important that your kid is fluent with the fundamental operations of mathematics, which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The fact that the math bingo games on various websites and other medium can impart your kid with this knowledge regarding the fundamentals of mathematics makes it an extremely important inclusion in your kid’s academic syllabus.

2. Practical Concept Building

Mathematics is not just about mugging a host of numbers and, then learning to apply them with the basic fundamental operations of mathematics. It also requires you to think practically and understand how to use various operations in various practical situations, failing to understand which will render your knowledge of mathematics redundant.

This is why it is recommended that you have your kids go through the math bingo games, as various aspects of this game will ensure that your kid is undergoing extensive concept building. For example, there is an activity, where kids need to match the results of their operations with that on their card and this helps in their mental development. Concept building is extremely important when it comes to the aspect of basic mathematical and other advanced operations and this whole process will just ensure that your kid has a better academic and mathematical future.

3. Takes Care Of Fear

The <arel=”nofollow” href=””>fear of the subject of mathematics is one of the most commonly reported problems in kids’ academic progression. This is why it is important that your kid is able to learn the nuances of mathematics without needing to be intimidated by the same. The math bingo game does the exact same thing in a playful and fearless manner.

These 3 advantages that the math bingo games have on offer are extremely effective and you can rest assured that your kid is indulging himself in the right form of games.

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