Is it Possible to Make a Divorce Easier on the Kids?

Kiran Singh

Divorces are never easy for anyone concerned. But you can make things a little on the kids if you try hard.


Break the News Together

Often, the hardest part of a divorce for the children is when it comes to breaking the news to them. They will initially be very confused and unsure of what the problem is. By breaking the news together and reassuring them, you’ll let them know that things will be okay and that it isn’t their fault at all.

You should sit them down and hold a meeting. Explain what’s happened and what’s going to happen in the coming years. Do your best to make it clear that they’ll still see both parents all the time and they’re not going to lose either of you. They’ll still probably find things difficult, but it’ll certainly soften the blow.

Keep Arguments Away from the Kids

Divorces usually lead to arguments at some point or other. This is completely normal, and there might not be anything you can do to avoid it. But what you can avoid is having these arguments in front of the kids. If arguments have to take place, make an effort to have them away from the children.

For a start, I wouldn’t recommend not going through the divorce without a lawyer. When there are no lawyers involved, conflicts and legal disagreements tend to get personal. These arguments are then played out in the home, and that exposes your children to the arguing. So, use a good law firm like Prime Lawyers as they specialise in Family Law.

Minimise the Change

As a parent, you’ll need to do everything you can to make sure that the change the children go through is kept to a minimum. Too much change causes children to become distressed, and it could affect their moods and behaviour at school. It’s not necessary to change things too much, as long as you think things through, it’s pretty simple.

First of all, you need to think about where they live after the divorce has gone through. Obviously, it’s for the best if they can stay where they are. This gives them some consistency and avoids having to get used to a new house in a new area and even a new school. That kind of upheaval can be very disruptive.

Maintain Contact with Both Parents

The most important thing throughout the whole divorce process is to make sure that the children never lose contact with either parent. This has to be the priority for you and your ex-partner. Just because you’re not together anymore, that doesn’t change the fact that you’re both still parents.

All the research that’s been done into children with divorced parents shows that the child does better when they remain close to both parents. Parental conflict can cause children to suffer long-term psychological and social problems. No parent wants this for their children, so make sure relationships are maintained properly when possible.

It definitely is possible to make your divorce easier on the kids. You just need to keep the children at the front of your minds at all times.

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