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Kiran Singh – Meet this mother who moved to a foreign land, lost her job and then became an Award winning Business Coach! #iamstorified #communitygrowing #Londonstories

The seeds of hardship and struggle sprout greatness, especially, when they are sown in the fields of perseverance. Kiran Singh is a testament to this.  A single mum to a tween girl, she got divorced while she was pregnant.  Tragedy hit her again when she lost her mother to cancer at the same time. In the search for a better start, she moved to the UK with her daughter.

The United Kingdom, though a land of promises also had some hardships in store for her. However, after losing her job to the recession and struggling in a foreign land made her work harder to find herself and establish her foot-hold in the world. She is now a Multi-Award Winning Mumpreneur;  a Life Coach at Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire, an Author and Residential & Hospitality Interior Designer at  STUDIO KIRAN SINGH, Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Vivacious MumMy Unique Home and Passion for Food. An over-achiever that she is also running a local support group for single parents through Gingerbread and is an expert at The Women’s Room and HerSay Expert.

“Wherever Life takes you, Trust Your Journey.” Her work at Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire is closer to her heart as it involves her sharing her experiences of overcoming the hardships of life. Their mission is to guide, empower and encourage women to honour their inner strength and celebrate their unique, personal path through life.

Motherhood is a hard job — maybe the hardest of them all out there. And no one pays you for it. Sometimes you do not even get a thank you. Being a mother is a forever thing, and that is one of the many reasons it is such a hard choice. The older Kiran got, the clearer it became to her that her mum had done so much for their family.

Her mission is to help Mums envision, create & design the life they really want. She strongly feels that life’s challenges come in all sizes, shapes, and colours and we already possess the inner strength to deal with any situation.

Being a single mom her connection with her daughter is very special. She acknowledges that her daughter is her biggest inspiration and she wants to give her the best of life. In this whole journey of discovering herself, the most important thing for Kiran has been the freedom to be true to herself. She has been able to share her experiences and journey with the world.

A much bigger gratifying moment was when her daughter won a Bronze Award for her blog at Hertfordshire Digital Awards in September 2016; Sharing her story and with the world has helped her to accept herself and take pride in her journey of inspiring other women akin.

Being a mom is hard; being a single mom is harder. Being a single mom and a mompreneur must be the hardest job in the world. Kiran feels challenges are good, as they push one out of their comfort zone.  She always follows the pattern of ‘Launch & Learn’.  She does not wait for the perfect moment rather she believes in enjoying the journey and learning on the job.  “The biggest challenge in the initial phase was to get clients, I continued working on various projects at the same time with a never give up attitude. I would sit up all night, contact companies and brands launch online courses, freebies and more. Unknowingly I had created platforms which lead to several awards. My awards and media features has helped me a lot to build up my credibility to get clients”, she shares with us.  Being a graphic and website designer with a background in Social Media, Public relations & Marketing also equipped her to understand the market and take adequate measures to carve a niche for herself in the industry.

Her advice to everyone feeling lost and on the path to finding themselves is to never stop believing in them. “Each and every step leads you to the next, and every person in your life leads you to the next as well. Look how far you have come, not how far you have to go. You are not who you were, you are who you’ve become. Stay positive, stay determined, and you will keep being a better version of you. The bottom line is; do not compromise on yourself, make yourself a priority in your own life. You come first, everyone and everything else comes second”, she tells us.

A typical day in her life is one filled with lots of small segments of work with equal amounts of ‘Me’ time thrown in. After beginning her day with some exercise and spending time with her daughter before sending her to school, she begins working on “building her empire” as she calls it. She spends her day enjoying and relishing task from a meeting to a brisk walk before unwinding with her daughter.


Amidst all these years of struggle and chaos, Kiran has now devised ways to surmount these challenges. Elaborating on this, she says “I acknowledge the tough times and difficulties and then remind myself of the bigger picture, my goals, where I want to be. I have a big inspiration board right above my desk with vibrant photos, quotes, goals, list of achievements etc – that keeps me grounded and focused. I have scheduled positive quotes and affirmations on my smartphone which pops-up every 2-3 hours.”

Handling the curve balls that life throws at us is not an easy task without a support system. Kiran has been fortunate enough to have a very proud father who has always told her that “In life if you want to get ahead and get better, you need to be flexible, open to new ideas, and help yourself first. Put Your Own Self-Growth first. In other words, you need to help yourself before you help the world.” These pearls of wisdom are one of the fundamental reasons as to how Kiran manages to stay happy and ground among the chaos.

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