Interview Tips for Stay-at-Home Mums Entering Today’s Job Market

When you have been out of the job market for a while while raising your family, it can be a very daunting task to start preparing yourself to re-enter the job market once again. At we have helped a good few mum’s back into the world of work after taking some time out, so would like to share some tips with you.

Stay-at-Home Mums

Landing yourself a job interview after taking some time out is a great achievement. However, preparing to answer your interview questions is going to be very different from answering the questions fired at you by your children!

When you are ready to re-enter the workforce, there may be an obvious gap in your work history that will need to be explained. Most employers are very understanding about this, especially when it concerns a mother that has taken some time out to raise their kids. You shouldn’t feel guilty about this because raising children is a very valuable occupation and can be very hard work.

Highlight your transferable skills

Think positively here and remember what skills you have developed and practised during this time, such as organising your children’s diaries, scheduling appointments, planning trips and managing the household budget and finances.

These are all very valuable transferable skills that you can take forward with you into your new work role. Employers will be looking for candidates that are organised, methodical and can manage their time well. These are all things you have been doing well every day at home.

Dress for success

It goes without saying that you should attend your interview dressed for the part. Research the company culture and dress code. Try to mimic their style of attire so that you will arrive for your interview looking like you are already one of the team and will fit in well.

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Do your research

Take some time to thoroughly research the company history. Learn about the company ethos and their mission statement. Make sure you are well-versed and able to talk about the company in detail. Express how you agree with their ideas and plans for the future and how you would love to be able to contribute to them. Employers like to see that candidates have done their homework and will be pleased to hear that you want to commit to taking their plans forward.

Above all, remember to be yourself during your interview. You have a lot of valuable skills to offer, so try to remain positive and forward thinking. Let your personality shine through and they will love you!

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