Integrative Nutrition Daily Journal

Kiran Singh

This journal is designed to guide and support readers as they discover the primary and secondary foods that are right for you. Readers use it with the intention of permanently changing their relationship to food and health.

Primary food is a term coined by author Joshua Rosenthal that refers to anything in one’s life that nourishes you, but does not come on a plate. The important primary food areas are: Relationships, Career, Physical Activity, and Spirituality. Secondary food is, therefore, the food we eat.

This book is designed as a 3-month daily journal. Readers are guided to write their Morning Intentions, Evening Reflections, Weekly Check-ins & Guided Exercises, and Monthly Activities & Progress. Readers are encouraged to “be yourself,” as everyone is an individual with their own unique schedule and style. Readers can use the journal once a day, twice a week, whatever works for them. Get your copy here.


This journal is life-changing! It’s amazing how taking the time to check in with yourself daily, weekly, and monthly can really make a difference. Not only is it encouraging to track my progress and see how far I have come since using the journal, but it is therapeutic. This journal has become a part of my daily routine. I would recommend this to anyone looking to reflect, learn, and grow!

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