Improving Your Mental State of Health Without Prescription Drugs

Kiran Singh

In the modern world, where every second person has a therapist, psychiatrist or access to Dr Google, it has almost become the expected to assume everyone has been prescribed with some or another form of medication for either mental health issues, physical ailments or, and most likely, for a combination of the two. As human beings, we have not been designed to have all these substances in our bodies, especially as mothers where our children and families rely on our well-being. Sometimes you only need to take a minute to reflect on whether or not you truly feel like you need the help of human-produced medications or if you just need to revitalize your mind using natural remedies. If you are unsure, try one of the following tips, but only if you do not suffer from any mental illnesses.

Mental State of Health

For Anxiety

I have heard so many people say they suffer from anxiety. Large crowds make them anxious, leaving the house makes them anxious, basically, any sort of activity which is necessary on a day to day basis makes those who suffer from anxiety uncomfortable. It may sound unorthodox but focusing the negative energy on an activity such as gaming is the best way to alleviate some of the tension and by interacting with other players, strengthen your mind. The internet has 100’s of games to select from and offers hours of endless entertainment.

For Depression

Depression is a very real thing and not something to be taken lightly. If you feel depressed for the most part, try to get a hobby something that makes you happy and distracts your mind. Painting, reading a book and creating things can be a great distraction and after you can take pride in your work. This is absolutely necessary for the mind to repair the damaged percentage causing depression and illness.

For Physical Ailments

The latest diagnosis released to the masses is fibromyalgia. This has been noted as an incurable disease which causes the victim to feel pain all over their bodies. Of course, this explanation is just in a nutshell and is more complex than that. And although there are indeed people who suffer from this disease, it still amazes how many people are all of a sudden walking out of GP rooms with this diagnosis. If you truly feel you suffer from this kind of disease or you simply suffer from old bones, stiff and unused muscles and you are often in pain, you need to revitalize your mind and body and exercise.  This doesn’t necessarily mean visiting the gym. You could cycle, take a brisk walk through the park, hike up trails, jog on the beach or do family fun activities. The trick is doing this three to four times a week and sticking to it. Not only will your mind fee rejuvenated, but you will also begin to see results in your body and the pain will slowly subside.

It is important to remember you are not alone and that nature can ease whatever you are going through, you just need to strengthen your mind to face the obstacles and annihilate them through your journey.

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