How To Use Makeup As An Anti-aging Solution In Your 30s

Misbah Akhtar

How many times have you seen yourself in the mirror and felt really awful about your ageing skin? If you are here reading this article, we already know the answer.

Well, ageing is inevitable, and it’s going to happen to all. No matter how much you try to avoid it, it’s going to catch up to you somehow. And 30s is the age when most women start developing signs of ageing. These signs include fine lines, budding wrinkles, visible pores, and dull skin.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t look young in your 30s. Yes, you read that right. You can actually use a cheat code to look more youthful and radiant in your 30s.

Although age is just a number, and you have to eventually submit to those ageing signs, that day is not today. Thanks to makeup tips and tricks, you can look your best at any age. Read on for some fantastic makeup hacks that can make you look flawless in no time.

How To Use Makeup As An Anti-aging Solution In Your 30s

  • Pick a lighter shade for lips

As you age, your lips start getting thinner, and using dark shades on mature skin can be a bit unflattering. Choose flesh-coloured shades and avoid using oranges and peaches. These shades are just going to make your teeth look yellow. Instead, you can always opt for nude shades to complement your skin tone in the most natural way possible.

Try to create a flesh-toned look for your lips as it adds volume to your lips and makes them look fuller. You can start by dabbing lip tint, which is actually a great way to create a subtle flush of colour. It is also the best option if you want a long-lasting lip look. Use lip definer pencils to fill the texture and keep the lipstick in place. That’s indeed a strategic way to conceal lines around the mouth that eventually creep onto your lips, making you look aged. That’s tricky, but you’ll catch hold of it eventually.

Caution: Wearing lipstick with no makeup at all can make you look even older than your age. So, try wearing a minimal amount of makeup if you are planning to put on lipstick.

  • Invest in a quality concealer

Unfortunately, the more you age, the more you have to conceal your blemishes and fine lines. That’s precisely why choosing the wrong one can draw more attention to your signs of ageing.

The idea is to choose the one that strips away redness and hides your dark circles without getting cakey. You can also go for a liquid concealer for better coverage. The golden rule is to apply the foundation first and then the concealer for better results. This way, you’ll be able to achieve a perfect and natural look.

Speaking of natural, you need to invest in makeup that contains minimal chemicals. Chemical-based makeup products are harsh for your skin and make your skin look dull and tired in the long run. And that’s the last thing you would want to deal with in your 30s. So, make sure that you opt for certified organic cosmetics to minimize the risk of rashes and acne. From skincare to your makeup, try to go as natural as possible.

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  • Go for a yellow (ish) foundation

The warmer your skin tone looks, the younger it appears. That’s exactly why you need to go for a yellow (ish) foundation. It’ll make your skin look warmer and radiant at the same time. The trick does wonders for Asian and black skin types.

Also, use a sponge to apply your foundation. Wet your sponge under the faucet, squeeze out extra water. After this, put on a layer of foundation on the back of your hand. Dab the sponge on the foundation and start applying it to our face.

A wet beauty blender absorbs some of the foundations, and the water in it starts thinning the rest of it. This way, you get optimal sheer coverage without looking cakey. Blend it properly, and there it is- you happier-looking skin.

  • Curl up your lashes

How about we tell you that it’s time to unearth your eyelash curler? It might be sitting unused in your makeup box, and now you finally have a purpose for it.

In your 20s, your eyelashes are fuller than in your 30s. This is because as you age, your lashes start flattening. And in order to look younger, you need to make your eyelashes fight gravity. That’s where an eyelash curler can help. But make sure that you know how to use an eyelash curler properly before you use it. NEVER use this makeup tool with your mascara on, as it causes your lashes to stick, and your mascara might end up sticking to your curler. That’s messy.

The best part of using an eyelash curler is that even if you want to skimp on your mascara, your eyes are going to look bigger and brighter anyhow.

  • ALWAYS apply an Eye-shadow base

Applying eye-shadow directly on your eyes can end up making your eye makeup look messy, weird, and bizarre. So, don’t.

Use an eye-shadow base or a primer on your eyelids to give your eye makeup a finished and clean look. The best part of using a base or primer before applying eye shadow is that it conceals your wrinkles and fine lines that exacerbate through creasing.

It also evens out your skin tone, covers visible veins and fixes discolouration in no time. Eye-shadow primer or base is one of the best makeup options for people with dark or discoloured eyelids. The condition is hereditary, but hey, there’s nothing your makeup can’t fix.

According to industrial experts, avoid using eye cream on your lids as it’ll end up turning your eye makeup into a hot mess.

To sum it all up,

See, there’s nothing wrong with turning old. But you don’t have to compromise with signs of ageing. Use the makeup hack mentioned above along with a quality skincare regime, and you won’t have to worry about those ageing signs again.

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