How to turn your house into a Sci-Fi Movie Set

Kiran Singh

Following the current trends, the modern yet sophisticated interior decor is the most popular choice amongst homeowners. And if you are someone like me who loves watching Hollywood science fiction movies, you’d love to make your house look like a set of that particular movie genre.

There are many ways in which you can create your style statement. The best place to start from is modern designs for your living room and then taking the idea to your bedroom or other significant areas of your home. It will create a perfect harmony of style and functionality in your redecorated surroundings.

So, if you are looking for ways to decorate your home with hi-tech looking gadgets or modern furniture pieces, this short guide will show you the right path. Let’s get started:

Add a Modern Electric Fireplace in Your Living Room

No doubt, a fireplace is the first thing you think of when trying to create a warm and cosy environment in your living room. But aren’t they a piece of age-old interior design? Well, this is where you are partially wrong. A fireplace is as relevant today as they were in the old days. However, the times have changed, and so the technology.

Instead of adding a full-blown firewood fireplace, you can add a modern electric fireplace in your living room which will make your living room look like a sci-fi movie set and at the same time providing you and your loved ones with warmth and comfort. That said, a fireplace electric has significant advantages for you when compared to a traditional fireplace.

Electric fireplaces are cost-effective. Unlike a traditional hearth, they do not emit any harmful smoke that can cause you or your loved one’s harm. It is why you can’t go wrong with an electric fireplace to enhance your home’s interiors.

How to Turn Your House Into a Sci-Fi Movie Set

Add Neon Lights in Your Rooms

What makes a science fiction movie look like a science fiction movie? Yes, you said it—rooms filled with neon lights and signs. To create a similar feel, you can add these beautiful looking lights to your rooms’ specific areas and have the same experience.

Additionally, you can install a custom made neon sign that you can order online or buy from a market to give it a more personal touch. It will significantly impact your visitors while declaring you as the coolest mom in the whole squad.

Why not get a Star Projector to transform your ceiling into a dazzling constellation?

Star Projection Alarm Clock and Relaxation Sound Machine
Star Projection Alarm Clock and Relaxation Sound Machine

Add Some Artsy Looking Furniture

What looks more trendy than art inspired furniture? Adding some minimalist yet functional piece of furniture, you’ll create a perfect vibe of a science fiction movie in your home. Not only that they look perfect as a piece of modern furniture, but they can also make your house look even more beautiful.

The Bottom-Line

Redecorating your home can seem like a difficult task to accomplish, especially when running out of ideas. Follow this short guide and turn your house into a whole new place. You’d be surprised to know how much your friends and family will appreciate this welcome change in your life. Try it and find out.

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