How To Take Perfect Holiday Photos On Your Smartphone 

Kiran Singh

If you’re among the two thirds* of Brits who are expected to take at least some of their holiday snaps using a smartphone this summer, but don’t just want blurry or overexposed photos to remind you of your holidays then read on. Jan-Ole Schmidt has some top tips for better smartphone photography.

Perfect Holiday Photos

Jan-Ole explained: ‘Holiday photography is all about capturing those fun, spontaneous moments, and because phones are so often within arm’s reach, they are perfect for this. The tips below should give you all the know-how you need to take some fantastic pictures that really capture the holiday spirit – but of course, don’t leave them on your phone, get them printed via a service like WhiteWall and display them around your home!’

1. Take a lot of photos

You can always choose the best shots later and of course, the more photos you take, the more you can improve your photo.  

2. Get close

Avoid using the zoom when at all possible – the quality can deteriorate really quickly.

3. Clean your lens

Don’t forget your camera lens will be dirty from everyday phone use, so give it a wipe before you take your photos.

 Phone Telescope Lens
Phone Telescope Lens by Kikkerland

4. Look at the light

As a general rule the light source should be behind the photographer, but don’t be afraid to play around with different angles and camera positions to see what effects you can create.

5. Be creative

Experiment with different perspectives, reflections and light – don’t worry too much about ‘rules,’ sometimes the most striking photos are also the most unexpected.

6. Stabilise

Hold your phone with two hands and as close to your body as possible – often blurry smartphone photos are due to movement, rather than lack of focus.

7. Don’t be too flashy

Smartphone flashes can be pretty harsh, leading to an unnatural, overexposed look and this is particularly true when photographing from a distance. Sometimes it’s worth turning the flash off. Smartphone photo taken in the dark tend to be much lower quality, so it’s better to shoot when there’s plenty of light.

8. Edit

If your photo isn’t perfect, don’t just delete it – most phones will let you crop photos or adjust contrast and lighting, or investigate one of the many free apps available.

9. Print it!

Don’t leave the perfect photo lingering on your phone, get it printed by high-end printing services and hang it on your wall. The resolution and quality are usually high enough to have a large print made, anything up to 120x90cm is generally fine.

10. Frame it!

Display and draw attention to your photo by framing it. You can use different materials that match or complement your interiors but also natural layers, such as window frames. These dramatically increase the depth of your image.

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