How to make the most of retirement

If you have recently retired, you will want to make the most out of your newfound freedom. Many people find that retirement is the perfect time to relax, find new hobbies and learn about themselves. But this isn’t always straight forward. Retirement can be difficult, especially if you have an injury or disability that means you have retired earlier than expected (see here for more information on gulf war syndrome). If you have been involved in legal proceedings that were stressful and intense, you may not feel the relief of retirement that others do.

How to make the most of retirement

However, it’s important to try to enjoy your retirement. So, how can you make the most of it?

Friends and relatives

Retirement is the perfect time to connect with friends and relatives. While you may have always socialized, it can be difficult to have meaningful relationships when our lives are busy and stressful. So, take the time to reconnect with significant people in your life. You might find that family members can help you adjust to retirement, and it’s important to be open with them during the transition. You might also wish to consider making some new friends, too. Retired people tend to be more open to communicating with strangers and you could form some wonderful new friendships.


Many people want to travel when they retire, but this can be difficult if you’ve got a disability or chronic illness. However, it’s still manageable and should be encouraged. Travelling during retirement can be extremely rewarding; showing you new places, cultures and cuisines without the worry of returning to the workplace. If you’re worried about travelling with your disability, it’s important to do research beforehand, finding places that are wheelchair accessible, for example. Most cities are much more accommodating than they once were, and it will just require a little more planning. It’s also important to consult with a doctor before going away to ensure you have any medication you require for your trip.

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Whilst retirement means no longer working, many people find pleasure in volunteering because they get to make a difference. Plus, you can be flexible with how many hours you volunteer and fit it around your own schedule: after all, you’re offering your time for free. Depending on your interests, there are plenty of different areas of voluntary work that you could get involved with, including offering your time in a charity shop, environmental work or teaching. Whatever you choose, it’ll certainly be rewarding.


The best way to make the most of retirement is to truly learn how to relax. You’ve worked for a long time, after all, and you deserve it. So, learn what relaxing means to you; whether that’s taking up a hobby, getting into reading or socializing with loved ones. Perhaps you want to take each day as it comes and not plan too much, and that’s fine! We spend so much of our lives feeling stressed that relaxation is key to a meaningful retirement.

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