How to Make Feeding Your Baby Easier

Misbah Akhtar

Babies, like all children, can be fussy eaters, and it can be frustrating to attempt to get your baby to eat what you offer them. However, by changing the way that you feed your baby, it is possible to make feeding time less stressful and for your baby to eat when and what you want them to.

Feeding Your Baby

  • Consider Baby Led Weaning

As your child grows older, baby led weaning can help your child to feel as if they are in control of their own feeding by allowing them to explore food for themselves without worrying about how much that they are eating. To contain the mess and ensure that you do not have to change your baby after each meal, you should look into investing in high-quality feeding bibs. To reduce the amount of mess whilst allowing your child to stay comfortable, Bibado’s feeding bib has been designed with close-fitting cuffs, a high chair attachment, and long sleeves to ensure that your baby comes away from dinnertime unscathed.

  • Make Dinnertime Fun

Many babies find dinnertime tedious because it is one of the less enjoyable elements of the day. However, you can maintain a baby’s interest in their food and feeding times by making the event fun. For instance, you could sing to your baby or play dinner games to allow you to feed them, as this will keep them engaged and more willing to try new foods.

  • Stick to a Routine

It is incredibly important to ensure that your child has a feeding routine as this will allow them to know what is going to happen and when. You can stick to a routine by feeding your child at the same time or at the same intervals each day. Your routine should also be embedded into how you feed your child, however, and you should attempt to make feeding time the same each day, such as feeding them the same foods first and putting them into their high chair.

  • Feed the Difficult Foods First

Your baby will not love every food that you give them. You should try to feed them the foods that they like least first. Not only will they be anticipating the food that they love, but they will maintain a higher level of interest when they are hungry and are more likely to eat everything you put in front of them

  • Eat When Baby Does

Your child loves to play copy-cat and showing them how to eat is a good way of getting them to participate. Either try a smidgeon of their food to show them how nice it is or try to eat your own dinner at the same time as them.

  • Prepare for Dinnertime

To ensure that your child does not get grouchy and that you do not get hassled trying to prepare food whilst they are desperately hungry, you should try to prepare food before they get hungry and have this on hand to feed to them at all times.

  • Experiment with Different Feeding Methods

If your current method is not working for you, you should try different feeding methods. A popular one is feeding your baby with your fingers as they will love the familiarity of this gesture and will be more likely to take the food on offer.

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