How to Look After Your Dog

Misbah Akhtar

When you decide to become a pet parent, it’s vital you understand that such a role comes with certain responsibilities. From the moment you bring your new addition home, it’s reliant on you for certain things. Dogs don’t come with an instruction manual, and they can’t tell you what they want or need. A dog will give love and bring pleasure to your family, so it’s only fair you repay them by caring for them, providing their food, giving them love and a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

Look After Your Dog


Generally, dry food is considered to be the best for your dog because it provides all the nutrients they need. There are a variety of other diets you could choose to offer your dog, for example, the raw food diet is gaining in popularity. Do your own research online, or ask your veterinarian for advice.

As well as providing your dog with the right kind of food, you also have to provide a fresh supply of clean water for them to drink. This is all the more important when the weather is hot.



You might not want your dog to look like it’s ready to walk around the arena at Cruft’s, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t groom it every now and again. Long-haired dogs, in particular, need regular brushing. If your dog is developing a decidedly doggy odour, you can give them a bath. Don’t be tempted to make it a regular thing however as you’ll be washing the natural oils from its fur.



Dogs need training and the best time to start is when they’re puppies. Socialisation is also something they need. The best way to do this is to take your puppy to classes as well as introducing your puppy to other dogs owned by friends or family members. Providing the right training gives your dog mental stimulation, enhances your relationship with them, burns off their energy and prevents unwanted behaviour. The best type of training is reward based because it uses positive reinforcements and is fun for the dog.



Exercise is important for the health and wellbeing of your dog. It’s also good for your dog’s socialising skills. Dogs have different exercise requirements, depending on their individual needs. Most dogs, however, need to be taken for a walk at least once, preferably twice a day. If you think you’ll struggle to meet this goal, because of other commitments, you do have an alternative. There are dog walking services popping up all over, and you might be lucky enough to have one near you. For those based in the North London and Hampstead, for example, check out Premier Dog Walkers.



One final responsibility that has to be mentioned is for their health. There are several problems you have to be aware of such as intestinal worms, heartworms, and fleas. A responsible pet owner also ensures their dogs vaccinations are up to date. Spaying and neutering of your dog is something you need to consider as it has many benefits. As well as preventing unwanted pregnancies it also protects against certain illnesses and diseases. A neutered dog is generally less aggressive towards other dogs, and less inclined to roam or mark their territory. They’re also generally more affectionate.

Bear these responsibilities in mind before you bring your pet home and your future together will be a bright one.

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