How to Know if Your Roof Is Suitable for Installing Solar Panels

Misbah Akhtar


Investing in residential solar systems is something homeowners do to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Around four percent of the homes in the United States are currently powered by solar energy. If you are ready to embrace this eco-friendly power solution, figuring out how solar panels work is important.

When installing solar panels, you will have to venture onto your home’s roof. Solar panels are mounted on the roof because this will provide them with a steady supply of sunshine. Before having new solar panels installed, it is important to assess the condition of your roof.

If you want to know if your roof is suitable for installing solar panels, consider the factors below.

Assess The Condition of Your Roof Before Installing Solar Panels

One of the most common types of solar panels is roof-mounted. If you feel like roof-mounted solar panels are the best option for your home, you need to get your roof inspected before installation begins. Making sure your residential roof is free of leaks and damage is important.

Attempting to install new solar panels on a damaged roof can be disastrous. Not only will this create more roof damage, it might also damage your new solar panels. If roofing imperfections are found during your inspection, getting them fixed before installing solar panels is crucial.

If you aren’t comfortable performing this inspection, reaching out to solar panel installation professionals is a wise move. With the help of a company like Blue Raven Solar, you can rest assured that your panels are installed properly.

What Direction Does Your Roof Face?

Solar panels need a steady supply of sunshine to work properly. Figuring out what direction your roof faces is crucial before installing solar panels. Generally, east-facing roofs are the best option for solar panels. While west-facing roofs aren’t ideal for solar panels, they can still be usable.

The main thing you need to make a west-facing roof work for this purpose is professional assistance. These professionals will know how to install solar panels on west-facing roofs the right way. With their assistance, you can start to harness the power of the sun for your home energy needs in no time.

Consider Roof Pitch

Another important factor to consider before installing solar panels is the pitch of your roof. Most homeowners fail to realize that roofs with a steep pitch pose more difficulty during the solar panel installation process. In most cases, a homeowner with a steep pitched roof will pay more for solar panel installation.

Ideally, you want a roof that has between a 15-to-30-degree pitch. Consulting with solar panel installation professionals will help you figure out the actual pitch of your roof. Once you have this information, you can get an idea of what you’ll pay for installation.

Installing Solar Panels is a Tough Job

Trying to take on the work on the work involved in installing solar panels alone is a horrible idea. Instead of dealing with the problems posed by DIY solar panel installation, you need to pay professionals to handle this job.

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