How to get your kids ready for summer camp

Now that spring is almost over; it is time for you to start getting your kids ready and prepared for the warm, summer months. For younger kids, this summer may be the first time that they will be heading off to summer camp, which is a key moment in any child’s life. As a mum, it can be an equally scary thought sending your kids off for a few weeks to a different part of the country. However, if you want to make sure that your little darlings head off in a positive mindset, then it will be up to you to help them get prepared in plenty of time.

Is your child ready?          

If you are thinking of sending your kids off to summer camp, then you need to decide if they are ready to spend a few weeks away from home. Children mature at different speeds, with girls often growing up quicker than boys, so it entirely depends on your child as to whether they will embrace this new experience, rather than spend every night feeling homesick and scared. You need to explain the feeling of independence and achievement to your kids, try drawing on your own memories, and tell them how you felt when you spent your first summer at camp if you went to one. Explain to your children that they will have the opportunity to meet new friends and try new sports and activities. Finally, explain to your kids that even if they are nervous or scared that it is ok. Make sure that they are fully aware of the pastoral support and care that they can draw on if they ever need a little bit of help along the way.

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Packing for camp

Part of the fun of going to summer camp is that your kids can take full control of their own packing and preparation. Your kids will enjoy being able to pick out their own clothes and wardrobe choices so that they are prepared and stylish all summer long. Companies such as Nicki’s offer a range of outfits that you and your kids can choose from. Not to mention, you will also need to make sure that your kids remember to pack their medication and toiletries for the entire time that they are going to be away. It can be a big responsibility for smaller children to deal with, but this is a great way to let your children learn organizational skills.

Heading off to camp for the summer is a big part of any little one’s childhood. In particular, if it is the first year that they are venturing off into the unknown. So, make sure that your kids feel fully ready and prepared to head off to camp. Be sure to explain to them that they may feel homesick, but it is ok to ask for help. Finally, consider putting your kids in charge of their own packing and preparation so that they learn how to be organized and prepared.

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