It’s natural to feel lethargic when the nights are so long  and the winter blues don’t help. If your diet, exercise and vitamin D levels are fine, try these easy energy fixes.

Stress-proof sleep

If racing thoughts invade your dreams you may be suffering from hyperarousal. This revs up your metabolism, causing chronic wakefulness. CBT, meditation or morning exercise may help.

Pump up the energy

One supplement worth trying is Ubiquinol, a ‘body-ready’ form of coenzyme Q10 that’s easier to absorb if you’re older. But take advice first if you’re on insulin or blood pressure meds.

Drink Beetroot

Beet juice, known to increase endurance, could boost libido, too. Its secret is nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the extremities. There’s no proof it has the same effect as Viagra but you can have fun trying!

By Good Housekeeping