How to deal with a turbulent family period

Kiran Singh

Every family goes through ups and downs, but some periods can be worse than others. Undergoing a turbulent time with your family can often bring you closer together, or it can create tense moments. While it’s always good to remember that it will eventually come to an end, it’s good to invest time in some coping strategies and practical solutions while you undergo a tough, but ultimately transformative period.

turbulent family period

Know that everyone has family drama

It might be reassuring to know that, no matter how content other people’s lives may seem while you’re undergoing a bad period, everyone has family drama. Whether it’s an argument at a wedding or a monumental event that causes it, you are truly not alone. In fact, it’s incredibly good to remember that nobody has that picture-perfect family we’re so used to seeing on the television.

Consider legal action when necessary

Sometimes, there is no way to resolve a dispute without legal action. Whether you decide to go to court or file for divorce, while this may feel stressful, it may also be useful. The first time you search something along the lines of ‘divorce solicitors Cardiff’ can feel like a seismic shift in your life, and it is, but it might be for the better.

It might be daunting, to begin with, or even quite upsetting, but a formal process with Grant Stephens might be a necessary way of starting afresh in the future.

Friends are your lifeline

We can’t always choose our family members; however, your friends are the people you’ve chosen to have in your life. When you’re taking a breather from the situation at home, confide in your friend and tell them how you’re feeling. Friends can provide a neutral oasis away from the family situation, as well as some vital advice if they have ever been in a similar situation.

They are also a great distraction: taking some time out with your friends allows you to take your mind off the ongoing issue and approach it later with a much more settled mind.

Wipe the slate clean

It’s not always possible to forgive and forget, but sometimes learning to let go of grudges can be an incredibly healthy way to move on. If you’re finding this particularly difficult to do, find a moment to breathe and be meditative about the issue at hand. It won’t solve the problem, and the issues may arise again in the future, but finding a moment to sit down together and discuss how to draw a line under your family drama and move forward will help you cultivate some peace of mind.

Family disputes are never easy, but it’s important to remember that everyone will go through them. It might not be as simple as having a cup of tea and talking it through, but ultimately it will come to an end at some point.

Remembering to take time out, try some meditative practices and be kind to yourself during the process will help you to resolve the issue sooner rather than later.

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