How to Create a Calm Home Office

Misbah Akhtar

Your kids are clamouring for attention. Your husband asks if you can make a quick pit stop at the dry cleaners for him, and the dog keeps whimpering to be let out. Working from home sure can feel like a balancing act sometimes. Here’s how to bring some zen back into your life and create a calm home office, too. 

Clear the clutter.
Whether you have neatly stacked piles of paper everywhere or it’s been six months since you last saw the surface of your desk, clutter can be a mood killer. Not only does it zap energy, but it can also cause you to feel frustrated, disorganized, and overwhelmed. Steer your way to a cleaner office by de-cluttering your space. To get to the bottom of the clutter, work in sections. You can start with your desk first by removing all the items from it, and then deciding what needs to be kept, tossed, or donated. Do this for all areas of your home office – including your kids’ toys that have magically made their way into your space – and you’ll have a neater home office in no time.

Pick your paint.
The walls of your office are a bright lemon yellow. Is it no wonder that you feel stressed every time you walk into your space? Colours can help bring energy into a space and most definitely impact your overall mood. To optimize your productivity – and avoid an anxiety attack each and every time you sit down to work in your home office – try more calming, soothing colours. For example, pale greens, beiges, and blues can bring out your softer side and calm you down.

Get some fresh air.
If you’re working in a home office that has stagnant air, you’ll wind up feeling pretty stagnant and unhappy, too. So if you have a window in your space, keep it open! The fresh air will do wonders for your productivity. If your space is sans windows, you can always keep the air – and ideas – circulating by using a fan. Another way you can bring the outdoors in is to have a house-plant sitting on your desk. Some household plants can purify indoor air and even remove harmful household toxins, too! Some of these plants include aloe vera, Boston Fern, English Ivy, and the Peace Lily, among many others. In addition to boosting your O2, having the added boost of green from your plant can be calming, too.

Sure, working from home is wonderful in so many ways, but there are stress-ors to deal with, too. Follow these tips, and you’ll be saying “Om! in your home office in no time!

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