How to Choose Jewelry Based on the Look or Style You’re Aiming to Achieve

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When it comes to jewelry, you should figure out what type of look it is you want to achieve. Do you want to make a statement or do you want your jewelry to be subtle. Well, there are different jewelry looks that you can sport for every occasion. You can find stylish earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles and more to complete your look. Sometimes your jewelry can take your look to another level if you let it. Unfortunately, not all jewelry can be worn for every occasion. There are so many types of jewelry and so many choices to choose from. There’s casual everyday jewelry and then you have formal jewelry for date nights and special occasions. You can make yourself look like a million bucks if you want to just by wearing some jeans and a t-shirt just as long as you have on the right piece of jewelry. Here’s how to choose jewelry based on the look or style you’re aiming to achieve.

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You’re getting married and you want to look flawless. Your wedding dress, your hair, your shoes and most importantly, your jewelry must bring your whole look together and compliment each other. Shopping for your dress and accessories can be fun and exciting…if you’re patient and open-minded. However, it can also be very overwhelming and stressful.

You begin to focus so much on being perfect for your special day that you can get bogged down by everything you need to do. When looking for your jewelry, you need to consider the make of the dress. These things need to be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect pieces. You wouldn’t want to wear a dress and your jewelry overpowers it and people are drawn to looking at your jewelry rather than your dress. Here are some dress styles and some jewelry that will look amazing with it.

  • Halter – Halter dresses take up a lot of space on your neck and wearing a necklace with this type of dress may be a bit too much and look sort of gaudy. However, you may want to jazz it up with a great pair of chandelier earrings and a matching bracelet to make your look pop. Your earrings should be a focal point, so wearing your hair up or pulled back to show off your earrings would be a great idea.
  • Sweetheart– Sweetheart dresses are pretty classic. These types of dresses accentuate your curves. A drop necklace with whatever shape you choose will go great with this neckline. The neckline of this dress is kind of low and may plunge. A pretty diamond that has a lot of bling would look fantastic. Get yourself a pair of matching diamond earrings to set the look off.
  • Strapless – Strapless dresses are very popular. This particular dress leaves quite a bit of skin exposed so you want to make sure you choose something that’s very flattering. If you want your jewelry to be a focal point, you can also wear your hair up or pulled back with this look as well. You may want to choose a necklace that’s kind of bold and that makes a statement, but you also don’t want it to be too long. It may make it look a little unbalanced. Pair your necklace with a matching set of earrings to top off your look.
  • V-neck – V-neck dresses are also popular and they’re a bit more formal. Simply put, a gemstone of some sort will look amazing with the v-neck dress especially if it has an invisible chain. Get yourself a matching pair of earrings and you’re set to go.
  • Straight – Necklines that straight give off a classic look and need a necklace that can make someone gasp. This neckline deserves a grand entrance, so try to find a piece that makes a bold statement and try to pair it with simple diamond earrings, otherwise it may be too much and will take away from the dress.

It’s your day so make sure to be yourself, search for pieces that represent who you are and compliment your personality once you have about five on your love it list, then you can start eliminating the ones you don’t want and soon you will have chosen the best piece. You can still be yourself on your wedding day and be absolutely beautiful. If you like, you can also choose a piece that you can wear to other functions later on down the line so that you don’t feel you wasted your money on a piece that you’ll only wear once.


For work-related or religious events, you may choose to be a bit conservative, although, some people choose to wear a super simple outfit with a piece of jewelry that makes a statement. That always works well too, especially if you aren’t going for a gaudy look. Toning it down for events where you want to feel a bit more reserved, you can always choose to go with a string of pearls. Pearls are classic, timeless and will never go out of style.


A Prom is such a special occasion for young ladies that they want their outfit to be special from head to toe. Choosing your accessories will no doubt make your prom dress even more amazing, so be sure to choose the right accessories. When it comes to a young ladies prom, less is more. You don’t want to be overdone and look gaudy, afterall you are still a teen. Choose simple hairstyles that will enhance your overall look and allow your onlookers to focus on your overall look and not just your accessories.


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Whatever style you’re trying to achieve, your accessories may very well complete and add to your look. Whatever look you’re going for, I’m sure the jewelry you pick will be amazing, so don’t hold back go out there and find yourself some amazing jewelry.

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