How to Choose a Gift for a Crazy Cat Lady

Kiran Singh

Do you know someone who seems to get along better with her feline friends than her human ones? There seems to be one of these people in virtually every group. However, when someone’s passion is their cats, rather than something like music or art, it can be difficult to figure out what you can get them when it’s time to buy a present. 

How to Choose a Gift for a Crazy Cat Lady

Someone who loves movies can be easy enough to buy for, as you can grab them a Netflix subscription, or pay for a special version of their favourite film, but you can’t exactly just buy a cat lover another pet. So, how do you choose a great gift for someone who loves their furry pals more than anything else?

  1. Buy Something Cat Themed

You might not be able to go out and buy your friend or loved one another cat, but you can find plenty of gifts that pay homage to her love of feline creatures. There are tons of cat-themed gifts out there, from pillows and homeware to phone cases and adorable laptop stickers. Have a think about the other things that your gift recipient likes besides her cat and try to combine multiple themes together.

For instance, if you know that your friend loves her cat, but also loves cooking, you could get her a set of oven gloves and an apron that features an adorable kitten pattern. For a cat lover that adores fashion, try a cat-themed purse or hat!

  1. Make the Gift For the Cat

Sometimes cat lovers prefer getting special gifts for their furry friends over getting gifts for themselves. If you know that the feline lover in your life adores spoiling her cat with countless treats, then look into something that you can get for the cat instead. A new set of special dinner and water bowls with personalised name tags could be an excellent option.

If your friend loves playing with her cat through the day, consider investing in some new interactive toys for the two of them to enjoy. You could even look into technology that allows your friend to speak to her cat over the phone when she’s at work. There are awesome smart cameras that can offer this these days, and they can even dispense treats too!

  1. Treat Her to a Cat Themed Experience

Experiences can sometimes be more appealing than physical items when it comes to gift-giving. The good news is that there are tons of great experiences out there that can appeal to a cat lover. For instance, you could pay for a trip for the two of you to a local wildlife reserve where you can see some bigger cats up close and personal. There are even special experiences available where you can feed wildcats with the help of a trained professional. 

Alternatively, you could take your friend out for a session of relaxation and play at a local cat café. These trendy cafes are becoming increasingly popular these days, and they’re filled with beautiful cats that your friend is sure to love sipping a latte with. 

  1. Add Something About her Cats to the Gift

If your friend has a specific breed of cat, why not consider getting them a gift that revolves around that. For instance, you could get them a sticker for their car that declares them to be the proud owner of a Siamese, or you could look into a set of decorations that feature cats that look just like your friend’s feline pals. 

If you want to get extra personal, why not grab a picture of your friend with her cats and get it transformed into a huge photo that you can place in a frame. You can get the frame personalised with the name of your friend, her cats, and even their birthday dates. 

  1. Buy an Extra Gift from the Cat

Finally, if you run out of ideas for something cat-related, but you really want to make your feline-mad friend smile, then you could consider buying them an extra small gift from the cat. Just wrap up something small, like a packet of white chocolate mice, and deliver them to your friend with a tag that has the names of her pets on. 

This is an adorable way to add a touch of something extra special to your gift-giving experience, without spending over the odds. Just remember you’ll probably be expected to do the same every time you gift this person something from now on! 

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