How to buy a necklace for men

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With regard to men’s jewelry, there is a bit of barrier which makes it difficult to choose for items to wear. Whether men are purchasing for themselves or looking for a gifting option, there are limited designs and styles to choose from. This does not rule out the fact that men can look good wearing necklaces. It only takes a little knowledge about choosing the right type of necklace and pairing it with the right outfit. Men and women’s fashion scene is very different, woman can wear huge pieces of jewelry for a special occasion and can also carry minimal pieces on a daily basis. Men, on the other hand are never going to wear the big stuff occasionally or on a routine basis. The jewelry worn by men should be able to complement the outfit and should not overwhelm men. It should add personality and charm to the outfit without making it look over the top. Men wear jewelry to look stylish and trendy, they would not like to carry a piece which makes them look overdressed for an occasion.

Necklace for men

When choosing a necklace for men, you should pick pieces which are rugged and round by the edges. It should look natural and less bling. A lot of men can carry pieces that have been passed down to them by their forefathers. These are statement pieces which can be worn occasionally. However, it needs a little fashion knowledge to style the same. There are endless options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a classic gold chain or a modern and stylish chain, you will be able to easily find one. It is good to catch the attention of people but it is not good to come out as overdressed due to a piece of jewelry. Before you decide to pick a particular necklace for men, it is important to understand the different styles available in the market.

Dog tags:

This includes a chain and a specialized pendant with the name of the owner. It is available in silver and gold and was once a preferred accessory for college students. A lot of jewelers are making an upscale version of the same. It includes a pair of tabs with a text on it. There are decorative styles available in the same. You can also choose a blank tag with the shape of your choice. A lot of people try to customize the tag through a picture or a name. Wear them if you like the style but keep in mind that it is not something many would love. You cannot wear it to a formal occasion. It looks good on young men who wear it with basic t shirts.


Chains have never gone out of style. They were worn by men in olden days and are still a preferred choice for men. Made in gold and silver the chain can help create different looks based on the length and style. The most fashionable and stylish chain is a cuban link chain which is made of links that have varied breadth. The chain can be worn with a formal suit as well as with casuals. It needs no special occasion and can be easily styled the way you like. The chain has been seen on a lot of men and creates a statement of its own. It has high relevance with hip hop but is worn by men of all personalities. It is a versatile piece which can be worn on any occasion and will add charm and class to the look. The best way to wear a chain is to keep it simple and modest. You can keep the chain underneath your shirt so that it is visible enough to make a strong statement. The metal will decide on the price and quality of the chain. It is best to avoid the cheap alternatives and choose a gold cuban link chain for the perfect look and to invest in a quality product.

Religious emblems:

These are necklaces which denote the religious or faith. It is a totally personal choice for men to wear the same and most will be of a pendant style. It includes the Christian crosses and other symbols which are made into dangling ornaments. They are usually worn with a chain under the shirt and these pieces should be as understated as possible. They are available in large, metallic pieces but it is best to choose a small piece since you will be wearing it on a daily basis. It should be a stylish piece which accentuates your personality and shows your religious beliefs in a subtle manner.


Pendants are available as a stand alone piece and pendant style necklaces are small ornaments that come with a pendant. It rests just below the neck and can be as elegant as you choose to be. They are popular and highly versatile. Pendants are also worn by women across the globe. A pendant necklace could be anything from a shaped jewel to a tiny case or a character. Men should choose a small pendant that does not overpower the attire and should not look over dressed at the same time. They can be worn outside casual shirts as well.

Whenever you are choosing necklaces for men, you need to consider the personal choice and preference. Big, chunky pieces are a no-no for every men. Whatever the occasion, a small, statement piece will make a mark and will add charm to your personality. You should invest in pieces that are long lasting and versatile. As compared to women’s jewelry, men have limited options and that is why it is ideal to invest into high quality pieces which are easy to carry and can be passed down to generations. Wedding band is an exception and can be worn on the finger at all times but other pieces need to be carefully choose. A necklace is an accessory that can make or break your look.

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