How Serviced Offices Can Increase Staff Productivity

Misbah Akhtar

In the business world, success is measured in many ways. The common assumption is that it’s all about money and how much revenue is generated. However, this isn’t really the case. In order to make success stick, you’ve got to look at a business as a complete picture. The workforce, facilities management, suppliers, shareholders, and marketers are equally important.

Staff Productivity

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In Hong Kong, business owners spend a lot of time building up supportive environments. They understand that, without the will of the people behind them, they cannot reach their goals. The truth is that success is a team game. The single most rewarding and powerful thing you can do is forge strong, lasting connections with your employees.

This has a direct impact on productivity, as people are happier to work hard for businesses that inspire pride. The good news is that serviced offices can help you make it happen.

No Waiting Around

From day one of your lease, you’ll have everything you need to get going. This is one of the defining characteristics of the serviced office. Visit Serviced Offices Hong Kong for more details on inductions and becoming a tenant.

These corporate workspaces are provided on a ‘ready to use’ basis. Therefore, once you’ve moved in, it’s just a matter of delegating and making sure everybody knows what to do. This is great for productivity, as the downtime involved in an office relocation is absolutely minimal.

Affordable Luxury

The question of how to satisfy and motivate employees has a simple answer. You give them everything they need, in a comfortable, pleasant environment. Unfortunately, this is a more complex challenge than it sounds. There are a lot of elements needed to make it happen.

Fortunately, serviced suites offer the complete puzzle. The furniture, décor, lighting, heating, bathrooms, and more are ready to use. The serviced vendors have a reputation for luxury interiors, so this is no mid-level option. If you go service, you’re getting the very best.

Instant Amenities

The term ‘serviced,’ in this context, means fully managed. You provide the employees and computing equipment. The vendor handles everything else. As a result, day to day routines functions flawlessly, without disruptions. Solutions to problems are logical and efficient.

For instance, instead of spending the best part of an afternoon trying to fix a broken printer or install a tricky piece of software, you can ask the onsite team for help. They’ll get to work fixing your issue while you continue with other tasks. For this reason, serviced solutions are highly productive.

A Spot to Covet

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. External resources (or lack thereof) make a difference too. One example might be transporting links. It’s worth picking an office in a busy, central location because it will be easy to access.

The location should not be underestimated. The availability of parking spots, train stations, coffee shops, and more are bound to affect your staff. Give them a serviced office in a beautiful, prestigious neighbourhood and watch them thrive.

What Moving to a Serviced Office Involves

As already mentioned, serviced offices are provided as a complete package. Businesses move into a fully furnished suite unless requested otherwise. You don’t have to transport furniture, apply paint to the walls, or wire up routers and other equipment.

The primary tasks are getting the workforce settled and launching any key pieces of software you might need. There are onsite helpers to assist with both of these things. They’re on call at all times during opening hours and will respond to any problem you may have.

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