Household Tips For Single Parents

Misbah Akhtar

Being a single parent has its pros and cons. The upside is that you don’t have to compromise on as many things as you would if you lived with a partner.

Household Tips For Single Parents

One of the major downsides is that you are completely responsible for your household and for your child’s welfare should things go wrong. With nobody to share the responsibility nor the finances for domestic repairs, you may be dreading the moments when you require help with plumbing, an electrical fault or even when a window needs to be prepared. Alleviate some of the stress by being well prepared to tackle any of these emergencies and by knowing what to do should something go awry.

Dealing with a break in

When your home is burgled, you will experience a whole range of emotions: anger, fear, and despair being just some of them. If you arrive home to discover your doors have been broken open or windows have been broken, call the police immediately. Do not touch anything as the police may be able to recover prints from door handles and objects disturbed by the burglar.

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Call a friend to be with you, so you and your child are not alone through this. It can be difficult to be practical in these situations, and so it is wise to be prepared for this eventuality by having the details of professionals you may need to contact such as a window replacement firm like G.H. Clark Contractors, and a locksmith. Once the police have done what they need to be done, it will be your responsibility or that of your insurance firm to tackle the aftermath. Find out how much assistance your insurance firm will give in situations like this and the protocol you should follow. If you need to handle the practical things yourself, have the contact information easily available in your phone and written somewhere else in case your phone has been stolen in the burglary.

Plumbing emergencies

Many plumbing problems can be solved without calling out a professional. The trick is to have everything you need ready should there be a time when you need to do a little plumbing yourself. Invest in a plunger, flexible rods and sink unblocking formula and keep them stored away from children.

These items could be all you need to unblock a toilet, a sink or washing machine pipe. One of the defining moments of being an adult is knowing when you have to admit defeat and if you have attempted a plumbing task and failed, knowing a reliable and relatively inexpensive plumber can be a relief in your time of need. Don’t wait until you actually need to find a plumber to contact one as your desperate state could mean you are employing one that charges over the odds. Research plumbers in your area and ask them to detail their prices in writing so that should you need them in future you have proof of their quotes.

Emergency childcare

When things go wrong in the home, you may need to rush out to get supplies or to seek help an in these situations it may be easier to do it without a child in tow. If it is not possible to rely on a friend or a trusted neighbour, ensure you have the details of a professional sitter to hand and ask them how available they would be at short notice and in an emergency.

Having a trusted, qualified and certified professional sitter can help lessen the stress in an emergency, and you will be thankful you had to foresight to have the details of one when such situations arise.

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