How to Host the Perfect Party on a Less-Than-Perfect Budget

Kiran Singh

How many times have you been tasked with throwing a party, but as the day draws closer, you realize you don’t really have the money to do it up the way you’d like to do it? Perhaps it’s a bridal shower for your BFF from school or perhaps it’s mom and dad’s Silver Anniversary. No matter what kind of party it is, you want it to be perfect, but your budget leaves a lot to be desired. Here are some tips to help you plan and host the perfect party on a less-than-perfect budget.

OMG – The Cake!

Have you checked on the prices of specially ordered cakes lately? If you can find one priced at less than a day’s wages, you are doing better than good! Actually, why not compare prices on sites like where you can find current prices on cakes, even from supercenters like Walmart. Start with a basic cake in the size you need to feed the number of guests you plan to invite, then embellish the decorations with things you can find at any dollar store. Not only will your cake be absolutely delicious, but you will be able to make it unique with just a bit of creative fun.

Enlist Help from Friends and Family

While you may not want to admit that you don’t have the financial wherewithal to host the kind of party you’d like to throw, you need to remember that you do have friends and family. Make a few phone calls to see if someone else would be in charge of decorations. Some of your family members might have the most delicious recipes for dips and appetizers, so why not ask them to bring their very best dish along? Before you know it, you might even remember that one of your friend’s kids has a DJ setup and might be willing to do a little pro bono advertising by providing the music at your party.

Handmade from the Heart

Even your decorations can be specially made for just a few dollars. You don’t need to go to stores like the Party Supermarket to buy themed decorations when you can make them yourself with supplies you probably have lying around the house. Why not get that 100 pack of balloons from the dollar store while you are there and take out the Sharpies to decorate them? If you have teens in the house, they would probably love the chance to draw faces and crazy art on the balloons and you certainly would have decorations no one else on earth would have. It’s fun and the guest of honour will appreciate the love and effort that went into making their party special and unique.

The key point here is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune hosting a perfect party. There are always going to be workarounds for things you want to do but can’t afford to do. Simply start with the raw materials and then customize them with tips and tricks you can learn online. Remember, the more fun you have made this party special, the more fun your friend or family member will have looking at all the trouble you went to. Don’t think they won’t notice, and if you don’t tell them it’s because you ran out of money, no one will ever be the wiser. You did it because they are special and that’s all they’ll ever need to know!

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