Hoodies Styling Trends That All Women Should Know Of

Misbah Akhtar

You can’t deny that hoodies are too cool to go unnoticed. Be it for a brisk walk with your dog across the park on a cool winter morning, or jogging in the neighbourhood, hoodies are not only trendy but also comfortable. This apart, they shield you from the chilly winds without needing to put on a scarf or winter cap. And the best part of this cool and trendy top-wear is the preference it enjoys from both men and women. 

Hoodies Styling Trends That All Women Should Know Of

A brief history of hoodies

Although the trend of wearing hoodies almost everywhere, from gym sessions to casual night-outs with friends, is a kind of recent development in the fashion industry, the hooded sweatshirts are nothing new. Champion, a company in the US, made the first-ever hooded sweatshirt in the 1930s, after learning the trade of stitching thicker fabrics. These early hoodies were also supplied to the US defence personnel for training and physical education sessions. 

Fast forward to 2020, these ‘hoodies’ are also being favoured as an important wardrobe component for women, just like ‘boyfriend shirts’ and T-shirts. Many women, who love streetwear fashion, are donning hoodies to social and informal events. However, you should note that hoodies are not only for the tomboyish women or athletes. You can style them in different ways to suit your ‘more feminine’ fashion preferences. Let’s give you an idea regarding the same.

With shorts and sneakers

Donning a hoodie over shorts and with a pair of gorgeous sneakers can make you look trendy and attractive at the same time. You can check some of the latest trends in shoes here to get an idea about the different types of sneakers to pair the hoodie and shorts with. The fashionistas at JustFab also suggest trying different styles, patterns, and colours that match your outfit and tying your hair back in a cute ponytail to complete the look. 

Don it with your leather jacket

Winter is just a few months away, and this is the best time to shop for trendy winter clothing. As the hoodies can be made from a wide range of fabrics, you can wear it under a leather jacket to create the quintessential layered, winter look. Make sure you choose colours that match the jacket and your bottom wear to create a uniform and elegant appearance. 

Bright-coloured hoodies with printed leggings

If you’re into brighter shades, like orange, lemon yellow, neon, mauve, and parrot green, you should match it with dark-coloured bottom wear to tone it down a bit. While solid colours are always good to go, you can also opt for printed leggings, as long as they are of the darker shade. This will help you create a quirky and trendy appearance on the whole. 

With track pants

If you don’t like to go the conventional way, you can create a fashion statement of your own by wearing a pair of light-coloured track pants, preferably white, with a similar shade hoodie and black boots to finish off the look in style. For the boots, it’s best to opt for glazy leather, as it brings out the elegance of the entire attire and gives you a certain sense of confidence and uniqueness. 

You can also wear your hoodie with mini-skirts and high-ankle boots, sports leggings, your favourite pair of leggings, or slit dresses too. No matter the choice of apparel, you should match the shades and prints properly to prevent the fashion police from hounding you. As the hoodies may come with graphic and image prints, you should be a little careful about choosing the dress to wear it with. 

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