Happy first day of Spring!

Spring is finally in the air. It’s the time when cultures around the world celebrate the possibility of new growth and fresh beginnings. I just LOVE Spring! Birds tweeting, nature blossoming – coming to it’s glory, the ducks and swans floating elegantly on the canal, the sound of the river running and the most importantly the sun is shining!

For me (I guess for most), Spring is ALL about renewal. The nature renews itself, we renew our health & eating habits (eat healthier meals and do more exercise), we de-clutter and Spring clean our homes, we sow new plants, foods and herbs (check out what’s on my agenda this year) – basically it’s the perfect timing to restart our New Year’s Resolutions!
  1. LOVE MOTHER NATURE | Outdoor rituals infuse the world with new energy, so go out and plant a tree, clean up your local park, or participate in a community garden. Have a picnic in nature and bless some seeds for the coming season – hold them in your hands and visualise how each one holds the full potential for life. When you are finished, plant them in the earth and leave some for the birds to eat. Think of nature as a window into the natural world of the Divine.
  2. CLEAN YOUR HOME | Take a cue from them and release the heaviness of winter by cleaning out your home. Get up early and gather clothes, toys, books, and other items that add clutter to your space. Donate them to a shelter, school, or needy family. This is a great way to create space for new life to emerge and reinforce the idea that giving is a blessing. When you’re finished, you’ll feel lighter, and so will the energy in your home. Purify your space even further by burning sage or copal, or opening all the windows to let in the fresh air. Check out my Spring Cleaning post.
  3. DISCONNECT FROM NEGATIVITY | Our thoughts affect our emotions, which then influence the choices we make. Think about how you feel when you walk into a room where everyone is happy and positive, and then consider how you feel when you’re surrounded by complaints and negativity.
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Our first Spring dinner cooked by my #MiniChef; Chicken in creamy mushroom sauce with steamed and herbed potatoes and broccoli.

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