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When you are a stay-at-home mom, the last thing you want is injuries from your fitness regime. Injuries not only slow you down on your fitness goals but also make attending to your mom duties a little more difficult than they already are. Even worse, they sometimes escalate to serious issues that require medical attention.  Minimizing the risk of injury becomes a goal in itself. While some are common, such as shoulder and back injuries, others leave you puzzled as to how you got there.

Here are 3 mistakes that could cost you your comfort, how to avoid them as well as how to handle injuries in case they occur;

Mistake #1: Chewing more than you can swallow

It is understandable that you want toned thighs and a flat tummy just like the next door mom. That can be a good thing, it motivates you to work harder. You should, however, know the boundaries. Know the limits to which your body can go. Do not let your ego lead your workout schedule. Even if the pressure doesn’t harm you immediately, it builds up and one day you wake up and find that the dam cannot hold the water anymore. Take it easy on yourself.

Mistake #2: Thinking that warm-up is for sissies

Do you want to make the best out of the 30 minutes of exercising you can steal out of your busy schedule, right? It, therefore, doesn’t make much sense to you to waste that precious time doing some silly warm-ups. Wrong! The only thing worse than half-hearted warm-ups is no warm ups at all. A proper 10-minute warm up before you begin your exercises can be the key to achieving miracles while protecting yourself from unnecessary injuries.

Mistake #3: Ignoring the danger signs

The worst disservice you can do to your body is attempting to work through the pain. No Pain No Gain, after all. Do not believe such lies. If your body is not up to it, then that is it. If you suddenly feel some form of physical discomfort, Daily Training Programs recommends getting off your workout and having it checked out. Pushing through the pain could set you back on your gains.

How to handle injuries

Get some rest: After an injury, take a break from your workout, and only handle lighter duties around the house. It is frustrating to just sit around, especially if you had really gotten into the workout program. You need time to recover though. It helps avoid escalating the problem.

Use ice and compression:  Ice is intended to prevent inflammation and internal bleeding. It also reduces pain. If the injury is serious, it is first aid measure before you get professional assessment and help. Compression also helps reduce swelling and can be used together with ice. Do not wrap too tightly that blood floor is impaired.

Try elevation: If the injury is on the lower part of the body, lying down and elevating it can help with the swelling.

Use heat: Heat stimulates the flow of blood. This enhances the circulation of nutrients in the body and quickens the healing process. Heat should not, however, be used immediately after an injury as it worsens the inflammation. Use ice for a couple of days to reduce swelling then introduce heat and alternate between the two.

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