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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to review the gorgeous Handcare Essential Collection from Botanicals. It came in a very cute paper bag wrapped in soft tissue paper. The products are in handy size so you can take with you if needed. They smell and feel divine. My hands has never looked nor felt better (maybe when I was younger of course!). As I have a weekly SPA day at home every Sunday, pampering my hands with Botanicals Handcare Essential Collection has become a crucial part and I absolutely love it and the best of all, it’s organic! Definitely recommend it! Read below product information and where you can get yours.

Exposure to sunlight, detergents and pollutants means that hands are often get neglected, and can show signs of premature ageing. Used by professionals in manicure treatments, our collection of hand-care products contains all you need to revitalise and pamper your hands, nails and cuticles.

The set should last for 20-25 treatments and includes (click on any link to view full details of each product and an ingredients listing);

Tips for your home manicure:

  • Sprinkle the Himalayan crystal soak into a bowl of warm water and soak your hands for 10 minutes, whilst enjoying the aromatic infusion of lemongrass and ginger.
  • Pat dry, then exfoliate your hands and lower arms with revitalising hand polish.
  • Rinse away the polish with warm water, and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Rub two drops of hand serum into nails, cuticles and any age spots.
  • Finally, smooth a pea sized amount revitalising balm all over your hands and lower arms.

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