Go, go, go! The busy mum’s beauty guide

From the moment you wake up, you’re in demand. If you haven’t already been during the night that is…night feeds and unsettled little ones can really take their toll on mums, both new and well-practised. And when you get up, there’s no slowing down either – you’ve got little people who need tending to, you have jobs to sort, errands to run and you might even have a 9-5 just to really make the morning routine a juggling act. No matter what your situation might be, as a busy mum, it’s easy to skip the makeup routine, to throw on whatever doesn’t need an iron and hope you put on two matching shoes. But don’t worry if you feel like you’re missing out on your glamourous or well-polished appearance.

It might seem difficult to find a little extra time for yourself these days, but if you find yourself dreaming about a new lipstick, a pair of stilettos or the best foundations reviewed by Vogue, read on for the busy mum’s beauty guide.


It can be difficult to find the time to apply makeup well on a morning these days, so instead of applying your makeup and hoping you’ll hide those well earned dark circles and blemishes, why not apply something that requires no effort and will actually let your skin breathe? A tinted moisturiser will gradually build a natural glowing colour on your skin and negate the need for a heavy foundation. You can apply it at night and in the morning after your shower.

Lashing out

You have a couple of options here. You can either invest in a good waterproof mascara that won’t smudge when you inevitably rub your eyes due to your tiredness, or you can get yourself a set of false lashes, have yours tinted or even permed. You’ll look instantly glamorous, it won’t break the bank and doesn’t take too long either.

Luscious Lips

A dash of colour on your lips will give you a boost and make you feel instantly more glamorous. Not everyone likes wearing lipstick during the day, so perhaps add a touch onto your lips rather than full lip coverage. Better still, keep a nice lip gloss in your coat pocket or in the baby bag, you can pop it on when you head out for a stroll.


Feeling tired makes us look pale and washed out, so adding a little colour onto your cheeks will give you a subtle glow without looking too over the top. It’ll brighten your entire face.

Say cheese

Smiling will always make you feel good, but all those much-needed cups of coffee to keep us going will eventually take their toll on your teeth. But don’t worry, if your smile is looking a little dull. Treat yourself to an over the counter whitening kit and brighten up those pearly whites. You’ll look a million dollars and you’ll want to show off your smile even more than your gorgeous new pram.  

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