Glowing Skin Secrets You Need To Know For Your Little Munchkin

Misbah Akhtar

What can be more beautiful than the soft and delicate skin of your newborn? How amazing it is! But, what if the same skin becomes dry and cracked? It can happen.

Professionals say that no matter if your infant is perfect, their skin may not be. Many newborns in the initial months are prone to skin irritation.

So, how can you beat that and get perfect glowing skin for your little munchkin? Let us find out!

Glowing Skin Secrets You Need To Know For Your Little Munchkin

Keep the baby away from the sun – Do you usually take your baby in the sun? You should refrain from doing that as much as possible. If, for some important reason, you are taking them outside, then keep their skin away from the sunlight. Do the same in winters also. As per the Food and Drug Administration, avoid applying sunscreen to infants under six months of age. Instead, you can –

  • Dress the little munchkin in a hat covering neck and ears. Also, make them wear loose-fitting clothes covering the arms and legs.
  • Do not take them outside between 10 AM to 4 PM. Because UV rays are at their peak at this time.

Get rid of dryness – It is common for babies to have small patches of dry skin in the initial weeks after their birth. These patches usually go away on their own. But if your cutie pie is facing very dry or cracked skin, you can take the help of various products like a baby balm, moisturizer, and so on. This will not only keep them away from dryness but also keep them hydrated. Moreover, adjust the room temperature in such a way that the air does not feel too hot. Hot air makes the skin drier. Hence, experts recommend setting the thermostat at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Keep an eye on nail growth – There is no denying the fact that a baby’s nails are small, but still, they might be sharp. Due to sharpness, it can cause scratches on the face or body. Therefore, it is advisable to constantly pay attention to the growth of your baby’s nails. As the nails of the infants grow quickly, trim them once every week. Experts recommend using a non-metal nail file. It helps in gently smoothening and shortening the nails.

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Don’t forget infant bathing – Regular baths are necessary for infants, but it does not mean that you bathe them every day. A soft washcloth dipped in lukewarm water can do the needful. Rub it gently on their face, hands, and genitals. Let us look at the few recommendations according to the health professionals –

  • Never leave your newborn unattended. Hold it securely.
  • A bath of 5-10 minutes is sufficient. Do not go beyond that.
  • Use only water to wash their eyes and face.

After bathing, dry out your child completely before putting any clothes or diapers on them.

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To focus on the health of your little munchkin’s skin is very important as it is the largest organ on the body. Don’t forget to keep the skin clean, hydrated, and away from the sun. Infants are more prone to skin issues in the early years of their life. Hence, there is a need to pay extreme heed to this aspect.

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