Gifts for the special lady in your life

Misbah Akhtar

Giving gifts can be pleasurable for both the giver and the recipient. People have been giving gifts for thousands of year as a way to express their thanks, to share their bounty, or in order to gain something back in return.

The modern tradition of gift giving is usually restricted to special holidays, such as Christmas, birthdays and events like Valentine’s Day. Nonetheless, gifts are given in much the same spirit as they have ever been.

Today’s gift giving occasions can either be giving gifts to a person and getting none in return, such as birthday gifts, or an exchange of gifts, such as at Christmas. While the kinds of gifts have changed over the years, people still enjoy giving and receiving gifts.

Gifts can be bought or made, but they are usually chosen because they will mean something to the person receiving the gift. Buying, or making, gifts for men can be different than buying gifts for women.

A lot of gifts women like are pretty general: make-up, accessories, some fun tech, and jewelry. Where people get confused is finding what kind of make-up, accessories, fun tech, or jewelry she actually wants.

Vivacious Mum has put together a list of specific items the modern lady in your life might want to find wrapped up, under a tree, or inside a stocking. If you’re really having trouble, send her this list and see what happens. You might learn something.

Pink Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme. Rose, Pendant & Earrings

White Matching Pendant and Earring Set – Heart Theme 24K Gold

Kimono Robe Dressing Gown


White Popper Jacket by Monks on Vacation


If you’re still struggling, why not check out our top tips on to buy gifts for us women 🙂

  • Consider your relationship to the woman.

Is the woman in question your partner? Your mother? Or perhaps she’s a co-worker. Buy a gift that is appropriate to your relationship to that woman. For example, a coffee mug might be a great gift for a co-worker, but your spouse might find that very impersonal. Conversely, buying lingerie for your mother might not be terribly appropriate.

  • Decide on a budget.

Consider how much money you want to spend on the gift. Many thoughtful gifts can be made or purchased with little money, or you could spend many thousands of dollars. Don’t spend more on the gift than you can comfortably afford. Many women will appreciate the thought behind the gift, rather than be concerned over the cost.

  • Consider her likes, hobbies and interests.

What do you know about this woman? Consider her likes, her hobbies, her interests or her passions when looking for a gift. Finding a gift that has something to do with things she already enjoys will make your gift seem that much more thoughtful.

  • Give a sensitive gift.

Unless the woman you’re buying for has specifically asked for something, don’t buy her clothing, appliances, weight-loss products, or a bathroom scale. Also consider what she is sensitive about, and stay away from gifts relating to anything you know she is self-conscious about.

  • Listen to her hints.

Most women are very vocal about things that they like or dislike. Keep mental notes about things she has commented on, and consider those things as gifts. She’ll be stunned that you listened to her so well.

  • Ask her for a list.

Many couples who have been together a while recognize that in order to get a gift they truly want, they will need to write down a wish list. There is nothing wrong in asking the woman what she might like. Better for her to get something she’s wanted than something that she will only end up re-gifting.

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