Dabitoff is back!  The classic stain remover brand has been resurrected with four advanced formula new products in striking new packaging.

The range has been expertly formulated for multiple applications, from everyday spots and splashes to stubborn carpet stains:


Kilrock Dabitoff Carpet & Upholstery Spray 500ml: This foaming enzyme spray attacks stains and breaks them down within a minute. Simply spray all over the stain, let the enzymes do their work and dab the excess liquid away. Ideal for accidental wine spillages or pet accidents.

RSP: £3.99

Kilrock Dabitoff Roll-on Stain Remover 120ml: A tribute to the original Dabitoff, this easy to use stain remover works on most fabrics. The high performance formula lifts even stubborn stains such as grass, blood and red wine. Just roll it on and dab it off.

RSP: £3.49

Kilrock Dabitoff Carpet & Upholstery Wipes x20: These biodegradable wipes are the simplest way to quickly clean up spots and splashes. An absolute must-have in any busy household, Dabitoff Carpet & Upholstery wipes work on most fabric types.

RSP: £3.49. Available in shelf-ready packaging.

Kilrock Dabitoff Handy Wipes x10: Dabitoff Handy Wipes are the perfect travel companion for life’s messier moments. The specially formulated foaming action quickly lifts stains with no stress.

RSP: £1.99 Available in shelf-ready packaging.

Available from Lakeland, Robert Dyas, John Lewis, Dunelm and independent homeware stores, or online at
from January 2018

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