Upcoming birthday of your kid? Here are some funky celebration ideas

Misbah Akhtar

Planning a birthday celebration for the kids is special, but at the same time, it may turn out to be stressful too. You might be thinking about what unique I should plan this year that will be momentous for the generations to come. Aren’t you? But do you know why we are here? To fetch you with all the unique birthday celebration ideas that your kids and guests will just love to the moon and back.


We are sure that till now, we have raised your curiosity level a notch higher. So without further ado, dig deeper into knowing these unique celebration ideas!


Video call party – Video call parties or virtual parties have recently gained recognition, especially in the current pandemic. All you have to do is install a great video calling platform on your digital device like zoom, skype, or hangouts and let all the fun pour into your “big day.” Send the invites to your near and dear ones. Ask everyone to dress up their best and witness the birthday person blow out the candles.


Fun with a backyard movie night – How to make the most out of your backyard? By organizing a spectacular movie night in your backyard. The essentials include a projector, white sheet, and cosy seating that guests will never forget. And keep in mind to arrange some soft blankets that will make the night more memorable. Transform your backyard in the coolest mannerbackyard in the coolest manner possible and invite all the special friends and relatives there. Wait! Did we just forget to mention the snacks? Have plenty of them to serve the guests and make this bash memorable.


Elevate it with a game night – Is your child a video game freak? And you want to do something new and exciting for him? Then dive into throwing an impeccable game night for him. Besides, birthday parties with game nights are now becoming more popular than ever. And the most interesting thing here is – you can find a birthday party bus that could bring fun to your home. They come with a game experience manager who offers hints and tips so that everything turns out to be smooth. They organize the gaming activities in a structured manner so that the children can have the best time of their life.


​Messy art party – What is the use of nice clothes when all the kids just want to get messy? Dress them up in the old clothes and include things like squirt guns, shaving creams, washable paints, spray guns, and the list goes on. Make the arrangement of hanging the old bedsheets as they make the best canvas. Ensure that you are organizing all the things in the backyard or lawn of your home. Now, let the artist come out from all the kids. They will throw the colors on each other and draw to their heart’s extent on the canvas. You will be thrilled to see their colorful imagination.


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Note: Once all the kids have put outside their creative cells on the canvas, think about cleaning up. And remember to put the artistic masterpieces to dry at a safer place.


Spice it up with a scavenger hunt – Scavenger hunt is also a great idea to fuel up the brain cells of your child. You can play it outdoors as well as indoors. Moreover, you can change the complexity of the game according to the age of the child. If there are many kids, you can team them up to make it a little easy. So, what to do in this game known as scavenger hunt? You will have to prepare a list of certain items, which the participants (kids) have to find out. Or you can assign this task to any other elder person in your home. The team who will find all the things first will win the game. To make things more exciting, you can invite the neighbours and can hide the things in their yard as well. Hence, be ready to have all the fun and keep the presents ready for the winning team.


Cue up a karaoke party – Not to mention the fun of music, family, and friends all around; that is where the karaoke party comes in. Confused about how to organize one? We will provide you with the solution. First, decide on any theme like the 80s, 90s, or anything that the birthday person wishes to. Have an elegant decoration in the room where you are organizing this. Be ready with the mics and the music system. Prepare the chits with the names of all the guests present at the party and put them in a bowl. Include the names of even those who are refusing to sing; let their fear come out. Now, take out any slip. The person whose name appears will have to sing. Follow the same until the bowl becomes empty. And tell everyone to sing in whatever manner, and the audience will enjoy it. Cheers to karaoke time!


Pool party – Scorching sun and pool birthday party in the summers? What a deadly combination. Thinking that you have to take the kids to the pool? Let us break this notion for you. You can bring a kiddie pool at home. If your child loves slides, then you can also buy a small slide. Fill the pool with water and it’s ready for amusing activities that can be best relished under the hot sun. Don’t forget to keep one tub ready with the water balloons for an epic balloon fight. To add more to it, spice up the things with the colorful pool floats. Be as creative as you can; after all, it’s the birthday bash of your child.


To sum it all up


Birthdays are special for everyone. And children eagerly await their birthdays as they love to get presents from their parents and loved ones. To make their birthday unforgettable, parents can organize unique parties as mentioned above. This will not only make the day memorable but light up the face of your child for the years to come. And you really want that, right? So, get up and start planning out the things for the best birthday bash ever!


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