Four Major Problems to a Good Relationship and Their Solution

Misbah Akhtar

Every relationship has ups and downs along with various other bumps regarding human psychology affecting it adversely. Apart from so much love for each other, there will hardly be any couple without mutual conflicts, confusions or misunderstandings at some stages of their married life.

Four Major Problems to a Good Relationship and Their Solution

Sensible couples take these as a part of human psycho and resolve these issues as soon as possible. They manage to keep their love life going by working through the complex issues of everyday life. They even consult counselors on family relations like this family law firm in Newcastle, etc.

Anyways, out of our observation and experience over the years, we have discussed here six major problems to a good relationship and their solution.

1. Poor Communication

According to Elaine Fantle shimberg, author of Blending Families, poor communication is the root cause of a lot of relationship problems. He is of the view that you cannot communicate properly while checking your mobile phone, watching TV or flipping through the sports section of the newspaper.


Give proper time and attention to each other’s talk. Focus on listening to your partner without doodling, looking at your watch or TV, picking at your nails, etc. Always use your body language to show you are actually listening.

2. Shortage of Money

Financial problems can spoil a very good relationship due to their gruesome intensity. There may be many reasons behind but they cause long discussions and arguments between the miserable couples. A very precious romantic time gets wasted away discussing and finding solutions to the financial issues.


This issue can be solved if both the partners are honest and transparent about their financial position and prospects. They should never hide their resources and debts, nor should they blame each other for their financial crisis. Rather, they should analyze the whole scenario realistically and jointly to reach some practicable solution. A sure way is to make a joint budget with collective efforts, ensuring some savings as well.

3. Issues over Domestic Chores

Most of the partners are working persons doing more than one job to meet the standard of their lives. They are often left with little time to accomplish the household jobs necessary to run the system. They often get frustrated and irritated when the shortage of time makes them fight over the daily chores.


List down all the jobs and distribute them between you two and then fulfil your respective duty sincerely and fairly. Be open to other solutions as well. If both of you are allergic to home tasks, hire a maid to facilitate you.

4. Lack of Trust

This is the most lethal of all the relationship problems. Having no or poor trust spoils the whole matrimonial bliss and the relationship begins to look like a burden.


Both the partners must be fair, consistent, truthful, passionate, sensitive to the mutual feelings, responsible, trustworthy, good listeners, respectful of others’ boundaries and committed to their promises.

Hence, relations can be saved with the spirit of cooperation and sacrifice.

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