Five Garden Ideas For The Summer Ahead

Misbah Akhtar

So, the summer is coming. How is your garden looking right now? Is it ready for friends and relatives to pop by on sunny days? If not, you may be thinking of making a few changes. And if you’re looking for some neat and sociable garden ideas, these may help:

Five Garden Ideas For The Summer Ahead

Make space for family and friends

If you love socialising and the garden is the only place to do it, you’ll benefit from a patio or garden decking. These are the ideal platforms for gathering around on chairs, benches and loungers, whilst having a good old catch-up. Patios are durable, and if you choose quality pavers or slabs, you can create a space that’s pleasing to the eye. And decking is great if you’re looking for a raised area that stands out from the rest of your garden.

Create shade and shelter

Now, as we all know, the summer weather can be a bit hit and miss. So, creating shade for bright sunny days and a bit of shelter for damp ones, is a great addition. And there are lots of different options on the market. Parasols, awnings, canopies and sail shades can all look stylish if done right. What you choose will depend on your space and how flexible you want it to be.

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Install the perfect outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have become fantastically popular over the last few years. And it’s clear to see why. If you’ve got friends round, you can rustle up a meal without being stuck out of sight in the kitchen. And a barbeque is one thing, but a permanent set-up with grill and pizza oven is even better. You could even add an outdoor sink.

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Refuel at the outside bar

Outside bars are another popular choice for socialising in the garden. And they don’t need to be elaborate either. You could repurpose an old garden shed, but there are even easier ways to create a bar. A simple outdoor wall cupboard with shelves for drinks and glasses, and a pull-down door to double as the bar-top is perhaps the easiest. Then, all you need to do is pull up a couple of bar stools and you’re there.

Get the lawn picnic-ready

The lawn shouldn’t be overlooked as a great garden social space. It’s perfect for picnics at home. And great for families. It’s a good time to start getting the lawn ready for use too. Lawn maintenance is key to keeping it looking lush. Mowing, weeding, feeding and reseeding where necessary. Giving the edges a trim will help keep it neat too.

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