Fitness Advice From The TV Ladies – Secrets To Stay In Shape

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There’s no doubt that the leading TV ladies do seem to have a magical ability to stay in shape. When they come back, year after year, one season after another, they seem to look hotter and prettier than ever. But being a busy mom, it can be a tad difficult to find out the time to exercise. If you’re one, scroll on to seek some advice from these amazing ladies!

Fitness Advice From The TV Ladies – Secrets To Stay In Shape

Nina Dobrev (31) – ‘I just love working out’

The Vampire Diaries fame actor is now exploring every opportunity in her acting career, from action and sci-fi movies to comedies, trying different kinds of roles, and excelling in all. The Canadian actress loves to stay active, which is evident from the visible abs she developed in 2018. From hot yoga to boxing and weight training, the Bulgarian beauty does it all it takes to stay in shape. This apart, she is quite conscious about her diet and loves to sweat. 

Emily Bett Rickards (29) – ‘I enjoy hot yoga and running’

Better known as the sparkly and intelligent Felicity Smoak from The Arrow fame, Emily is a workout freak too. She also consumes whole-grain cereals, broccoli, veggie juices, mackerel, and fish to get a good amount of vitamin C, carbs and useful proteins regularly. Emily can’t stay without working out, no matter her schedule. She seldom misses her workout sessions with her gym trainers, Thomas Taylor and Brady Roberts. 

Madelaine Petsch (26) – ‘The more I learn about my body, the more fascinated I am by it’

Playing the grey-shaded Cheryl Blossom in Riverdale fame, Madelaine Petsch and her red hair can’t go unnoticed, but she also has a beautiful body. A huge carb fan and a protein pasta lover, Madelaine feels that one shouldn’t ever skip their breakfast to stay fit and energetic always. 

No wonder, she is one of the promoters of Fabletics, the athleisure brand co-founded by Kate Hudson. You can check out her short interviews here to see her flaunting the sportswear gracefully and looking gorgeous. She loves protein pasta, as she believes that one needs to keep their energy levels high to try difficult exercises. 

Emilia Clarke (33) – ‘Music is something that’s always been a huge part of my life’

We all know what a good body the ‘Khaleesi’ has, but what’s surprising is she doesn’t have any particular diet to follow. According to her physical trainer, James Duigan, she’s allowed to eat everything but in moderate amounts. He feels that it’s important to stay balanced but not break down your food into calories and kilocalories and let it stay what it is – food. 

Sophie Turner (24) – ‘Any high-intense cardio but boxing is my favourite’

The Stark Queen, and one of the tallest ladies in Hollywood, Sophie Turner is currently enjoying her motherhood with her baby girl. However, there’s no reason to believe that she is going easy on her body. She’s one of the few actresses, who are crazy about goat yoga and all types of non-conventional exercises. She also makes sure that she drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated, radiant, and beautiful at all times. 

So, dear mommies, if you need some inspiration to stay fit, you can get it all from these leading ladies, who have made it possible through the years. Whether you want to get back into shape after your pregnancy, or you wish to just shed some extra pounds to fit into an old outfit, you can achieve your goals easily. Keep working out and keep sweating! 

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