Feng Shui | Create Health, Wealth and Happiness Through the Power of Your Home

A clear and accessible guide to the hugely popular philosophy of feng shui and how you can use its wisdom to harmonize your home and transform your life.

Feng Shui

This book explores:

– how to cultivate the invisible energies in your home for health, wealth and happiness?
– how to let go of emotional attachments to unwanted possessions and clear clutter for good?
– how to use feng shui to remedy specific problems in your life
– how to reduce geopathic stress and technostress in your home
– what to look for when buying a home and how to sell a home easily, with maximum return
– how to make your house a home – a sanctuary that loves and supports you

… and much more!

The Hay House Basics series features world-class experts sharing their knowledge on the topics that matter most for improving your life.


This is a brilliant ‘how to’ book for those of us trying to de-clutter and energise our homes. I love the way Davina explains the different approaches to Feng Shui (which I have found can be confusing and/or dogmatic) and then encourages you to find your own way within your own cultural context. Covering de-cluttering, clearly prioritising what to focus on first, with detailed instructions on how to do a space clearing, and making it all really clearly explained, I would recommend this book for anyone looking to improve their home and any aspects of their life that are under strain. It has really helped me in the process of de-cluttering and reorganising and although I haven’t finished i can feel the benefits of fresh chi circulating through our home already…
Get your copy here.

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