Feel the Magic of Comfort with an Apt Wedding Lingerie for your Special Day

Misbah Akhtar

You’ve been dreaming of a perfect wedding day ever since you were little. Now that the day is near, you have all things narrowed down. You have the checklist marked and are ready to “Say a Yes” to the man of your dreams. But, is there an aspect that skipped your mind? Have you thought about what you’ll be wearing underneath your wedding dress? Heavens above, no!

Well, what’s holding you back, then? Choosing the right kind of lingerie under your wedding gown is just as important as wearing the dress itself. This clothing piece must be comfortable, sexy, supportive, yet sleek to make you feel good. Simultaneously, some brides prefer wearing bridal lingerie underneath their gowns the entire day, while others prefer going in for a practical route.

Feel the Magic of Comfort with an Apt Wedding Lingerie for your Special Day

Don’t know where to start? Well, here’s a list of some tips to ease your choosing process:

  • Let gown be your guide:

This point goes without saying. However, it would help if you waited until you’ve found your wedding dress before purchasing what goes underneath. Silhouettes, necklines, and sleeve styles call for different types of undergarments. Thus, never take hold of the most stunning set until you have your wedding gown in your closet.

  • Comfort is the Key:

One of the most overwhelming aspects of getting married for to-be-brides is the discomfort of being in the dress from dusk ‘til dawn, or even later. Thus, always ensure you enjoy wearing it. For instance, the bridal lingerie from Savage X Fenty is pretty comfortable. Yes, with that, you can quickly move around, dance, sit, and enjoy even the pettiest moments of your special day. The strappy undies and bedazzled bras, although they may look fabulous but are pretty uncomfortable.

Choose your bridal undies wisely since you don’t want to ruin your special day, feeling uncomfortable.

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  • Beautiful lace:

Do you think your strappy lace bra will make his heart race?

Well, go to the whole hog by going in for a new white camisole and panties set, or you may wish to settle for a handmade lace bodysuit. After all, you need not act virginal on your honeymoon.

  • Never go crazy with lingerie colours:

Ladies, you’ll be heading off on your honeymoon right after your wedding day. Adventure’s on your mind. But is that a suitable time to experiment with neon-hued briefs and bold red bras?

Maybe, not!

If you’re putting on a white gown, your underwear must either be nude or follow nude shades. Also, be wary as the stark white can show through softer colours. The entire essence of choosing bridal lingerie rests with ensuring that it doesn’t show off through your wedding gown.

Keep calm and lace up your lingerie.

The wedding dress you choose dramatically affects the bridal lingerie style you can wear on your wedding day. If possible, go with different lingerie options so that you can try these with varying fittings of dress to feel and see how it’ll look like on the actual wedding day.

Most importantly, go with the one that makes you feel comfortable. Whether it is braless, shapewear, or full coverage, feel the best on your special day!

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