Become A Fashion Stylist For Your Boyfriend Without Breaking Your Bank

Misbah Akhtar

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Nothing is more attractive than a well-dressed and well-groomed man. Period. And it would definitely be a cherry on the top of the cake if they know how to rock the world with whatever outfit they wear.


But what if your boyfriend isn’t serious about elevating his fashion game? Although love and acceptance go hand in hand, having well-dressed partners certainly keeps the spark alive in a relationship.


In fact, taking care of your fashion shouldn’t just be limited to looking good for your partner on dates. Your man needs to look good for his meetings, family gatherings, and basically anything that requires putting on charming outfits.

You might have heard the saying, behind every successful man, there is a supportive partner. Now is the time to change that into reality.


Here we have mentioned some ideas that can help you strategically become a fashion stylist for your boyfriend. And the best part is that you don’t have to break your bank for it.


  • Plan a shopping trip together


If you feel that there’s a need to change your boyfriend’s entire wardrobe you need to take him on regular shopping trips. Don’t worry! You don’t have to get multiple outfits in one go.The idea behind this is to pick some new pieces on every trip so that you can fulfill your motive in an affordable way.


Be careful to take a positive approach with this. Instead of making comments like I hate your style or I don’t like the combinations of your outfits, tell him more about trendy fashion styles. Tell him how smart and fashionable he might look after wearing a new pair of jeans or shirt.


Restrict your shopping spree to the men’s department so that your boyfriend can have a chance to look for multiple options and get some for himself right away. This will keep him interested throughout the shopping trip. You can even spike interest by visiting online shopping websites that deal in men’s and women’s apparel to look for some fantastic and affordable options. This way, you both can have a chance to look stylish at your home. Also, encourage him to try something new this time.


For instance, if you’ve seen your boyfriend in a shirt throughout your relationship, ask him to try some cool t-shirts and hoodies. Maybe he even ends up looking hotter than before. Well, that was the entire idea of going on a shopping spree with your boyfriend. Right?


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  • Strategically plan your fashionable gifts.


If your boyfriend doesn’t want to accompany you on the fashion trip or shows no interest while picking out clothes for him, make sure you find another way to enhance his wardrobe. And giving clothes and fashion accessories as birthday or anniversary gifts is definitely one of the best budget-friendly ways to do that.


For this, you need to unleash your fashion sense and think about what might look good on your boyfriend. The best part with this is that you can actually make him try different styles, colors, and patterns. For this, you can go with formal shirts, t-shirts, party wear clothes or comfy hoodies. The gift choices in the clothing department are endless.


And don’t wait for a special day to gift clothes and accessories to your man. Consider telling him that you went to a store and thought how cool it would look on your man. Also, while purchasing any item, make sure you choose the one that matches your boyfriend’s personality and not yours. The whole idea is to transform his wardrobe step-by-step and add stylish stuff to it.


Pro tip: While purchasing clothes for your partner, make sure that whatever you choose fits him properly. Otherwise, you’ll be back to square one. This is because even the most stylish clothes lose their charm when they don’t fit well.


  • Get rid of outdated stuff


Adding new pieces to your boyfriend’s wardrobe isn’t going to be of any use until he gives up his old clothes. This is because your boyfriend might even consider wearing his old and outdated clothes for important events. To avoid that, you need to help him get rid of old outfits. This might be a bit tough but can be done by taking the high road.


You can consider donating some of your stuff to the needy or the thrift stores and ask your boyfriend to do the same. Create an illusion that everything you both are donating is for charity by giving up some of your possessions too. Believe it or not, it is the best way to eliminate the stuff you might not need anymore and buy you some extra space at home.


Or you can use spring cleaning as an excuse to manage your partner’s wardrobe. Mutually decide about what goes and what stays. Try to organize a garage sale so that you can make some money by selling your boyfriend’s clothes.


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  • Compliment on your man’s outfit


Who doesn’t love to get showered with compliments? People love to continue with things they are praised for. That’s human nature.


You need to use that to boost your partner’s confidence. Positive reinforcement can encourage your man to try some new styles for his outfit. Not to mention that it is one of the best ways to help someone change their habits. The only golden rule you need to follow for this is to compliment your boyfriend the way you want to be applauded.


Even if you have picked out your boyfriend’s entire outfit, make sure you don’t hesitate in telling him that he looks amazing in it. You can also take some insta -worthy pictures for your partner so that he can update his profile and show off his transformation.


Once your boyfriend feels that the transformation is bringing a positive change in his life, he wouldn’t want to look back on his old outfits.


To sum it all up


Transforming your man’s whole wardrobe isn’t something that can be done overnight. You have to use strategies to make him try out new and trending stuff to make him look good for every occasion. So, use the tips mentioned above and help your man with a complete fashion makeover. After you are done, you won’t have to worry about his dressing sense ever again.



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