Explore The Outdoors this Spring

Misbah Akhtar

With Spring in full bloom and warmer weather beginning, I have put together this list of products to encourage fun outdoors. 

Huckleberry Red Kite, £10 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Red Kite

What better way to enjoy the outdoors on a windy day than to have a Huckleberry Red Kite go sailing overhead into the blue sky! Go on an adventure outdoors and watch your Huckleberry Red Kite flow through the breeze for hours of fun.

Huckleberry Dual Magnifier, £13 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Dual Magnifier

Get up close and personal with nature on your next outdoor adventure. Huckleberry Dual Magnifier is the perfect tool for inspecting small insects, plants, and more. Tie it to your bag or belt and be ready to scope out any natural treasure you find.

Huckleberry Chalk Markers, £10 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Chalk Markers

On your mark, get set, DRAW! Let your kids get creative with these bright and colourful chalk pens that are CHALK FULL OF FUN! Unleash their imagination with the colourful tools that can be used and removed on a range of surfaces! Safe for people, pets, the environment – and dust-free – these vibrant colourful markers are fun for the whole family and great for any season.

Huckleberry Bug Box, £15 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Bug Box

Bugs, spiders, and grasshoppers, oh my! The Huckleberry Box is the perfect gift for the kid that bugs you the most. Always dragging something new and interesting into the house? Now there’s a place to store it – that won’t creep out their little sister! The Box features seven compartments with 3 different sized spaces – each with magnifiers to make your find look larger than life.

Huckleberry Waterproof Sketchbook, £10 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Waterproof Sketchbook

Sketching in the elements has never been easier with this waterproof sketchbook. 80 waterproof sheets

Huckleberry Popcorn Maker, £18 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Popcorn Maker

Nothing says good times like a fresh-popped bowl of popcorn around the fire, and with the Huckleberry Popcorn Maker, the whole process is a blast from start to finish! All you need is a campfire or fireplace to get the oil sizzling and the kernels popping. Not only is the result oh-so-tasty; seeing the popcorn pop before your very eyes is a thrill.

Huckleberry Grass Whistle, £5 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Grass Whistle

Whistle with grass like a seasoned outdoor pro with the Grass Whistle from Huckleberry! Entertain your friends, liven up a campfire, or get in touch with nature during a hike with this simple, eco-friendly bamboo grass whistle. Just add a blade of grass! The Huckleberry Grass Whistle uses magnets and bamboo to create the perfect whistle tone from a blade of grass. Very portable, and no prior experience necessary!

Huckleberry Morse Codes Light, £15 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Morse Codes Light

Retro huckleberry morse code light. Durable metal casing with adjustable hanging hook.

Make your Own Fresh Flower Necklace, £6.60 from Conscious Craft

Make your Own Fresh Flower Necklace

Pick your favourite flowers or leaves, thread through this plaited leather necklace to make unique beautiful nature-inspired jewellery.

Huckleberry Make Your Own Pressed Flower Frame, £7 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Make Your Own Pressed Flower Frame

Save your favourite flowers and leaves. A fun hobby for all ages that encourages you to go outdoors! Instructions: Press flowers in a heavy book with paper for 7-10 days. Place each flower carefully inside the frame. 

Huckleberry Pop Up Net, £10 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Pop Up Net

Let your little adventurer run, explore and discover! The Huckleberry Pop Up Net is a gentle and safe way to capture and examine creatures in the air, water and land. The Pop Up Net collapses into a small pouch to take with you wherever your adventure leads.

Huckleberry Motor Your Own Boat, £10 from Bunka

Huckleberry Motor Your Own Boat

Build your own boat out of a small plank of wood or thick paper. Attach the motor to the boat and place it in the water. Press the button on the top and watch it set sail!

Huckleberry Bell Darts, £15 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Bell Darts

Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner! It’s Bell Darts from Huckleberry, the exciting new game that can be played anywhere by anyone! Throw safe magnetic darts at the bell and try to get a bullseye. If you get the bell to chime first, you win!

Antibacterial Slime by Canal Toys

Play with your slime and sanitise your hands at the same time! Slime is so fun, tacky and stretchy. Have lot’s of fun stretching and squishing the slime between your hands with the anti-bacterial slime that kills 99.9% of germs! Keep your hands sanitised with this fun slime for up to one month. There are 6 different colours available, each one comes in its own compact case, you can take it everywhere!

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