Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends

Misbah Akhtar

The gaming industry has changed quite a lot under the influence of technology. We are now in a time where HD games can be played without a console. There have been great advancements in the visualization, graphics and storylines of games. Sub-genres such as first-person shooter games are popular among a lot of players. Revolving around weapon-based combat, FPS games are usually in a first-person perspective, allowing the player to witness the action directly through the eyes of the shooter. Apex legends is one of the leading games falling under the category of FPS.

Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends

About the Game

This free-to-play battle royal game was released in 2019 by Electronic Arts. It is the brainchild of Respawn Entertainment available on Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A total of 60 people can play this multiplayer game at once, with 30 two-person duos or 20 three-person squads. All teams are left on an island where they look for weapons in an attempt to defeat all other teams and players in combat. The interesting bit is that the island keeps shrinking over time so that players don’t keep hiding in order to win the game. The team that stays alive till the end wins the battle.


The game has a backdrop of a science fiction universe. There are pre-made characters that are called “legends” available to the players to choose from. This ever-growing roster has a lot of legends who possess powerful abilities. The game in itself is a strategic squad play where players have to strategize in order to win the round. Players are allowed to spend both in-game currency and real money on items such as weapons and outfits in the game. A lot of players even use apex legends cheats in order to win this FPS game. Every legend that can be chosen has a unique personality and design that help add more playstyles on the team.


Apex Legends has a roadmap built involving seasons that last for three months. Each season has a new set of content released in it, with a total of six seasons released to date. With the release of each season, there comes a new playable character along with some new cosmetic items and weapons. If players are able to complete challenges during the season, they are rewarded with battle passes and new cosmetic items. The six seasons are the Wild Frontier, Battle Charge, Meltdown, Assimilation, Fortune’s Favor and Boosted. The game also includes time-limited events that offer seasonal cosmetics that go along with its theme, such as Christmas-themed outfits.

Every once in a while, the world witnesses a game that revolutionizes the gaming industry and takes everyone by storm. Apex Legends is one such game that will surely go down in history as one of the most memorable first-person shooter games. Within just a month of it being released, the game raked in $92 million in revenue, the highest amount any free-to-play game had gotten during its launch month. If you haven’t played it already, Apex Legends is a game that will keep you glued to your screen along with keeping you on your toes.

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