Downsizing? How To Make A Tough Move Easier

Moving house with the kids in tow is never easy. Sometimes the reason for the move is the hardest thing to bear. Having to downsize your financial commitments often means we have to sell up and go somewhere cheaper. And when the kids are in a grump with you about it, the whole event can be heartbreaking.

Still, a fresh start brings new opportunities. When you are looking for apartments that might be suitable for you family, it can be a good idea to make a list. Write down what is absolutely essential for you all in the next five years. If your kids will be moving up schools, then picking an area with a good reputation for education is important.


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It could be that you need to be somewhere really close to work. Work commitments is often a reason for needing to move house. Highlight on a map which area is ideal. Then make sure your search is limited to that area. Next you need to decide how many bedrooms you need. Having a spare room is handy, but it can increase your monthly costs substantially.

Once you have a list of properties to view, take your checklist with you so you can confirm everything is there that you need. You might also want to make notes about the cost of taxes or maintenance fees for the property. Ask how much the utility bills are on average. Making a note of all the costs will help you plan your budget.

Budgeting for the property you decide on can be a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. You can tally up the rental or mortgage cost. Add taxes and service fees to the total. Now consider what the utilities will cost in your new place. If you have to install facilities like broadband, there will be extra costs to consider.

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To work out your monthly budget, it can be best to use a template or spreadsheet. Your public transport or motoring costs may alter from before. If you have a garden to maintain, this could cost you more in water or service charges. Perhaps there is a boiler that will need an annual service?

The cost of moving can be quite high too. Not only do you need to pay for a removal company, but you might also need to cover the cost of two properties for a short time while you move. If the kids are moving school, you might have to pay for new uniforms. There might not be enough fitted closets at your new place, so you will have to buy more furniture.

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